NY. Where Nothing Is Cheaper Than Life.

There’s nothing more alive than news about death. All I’m seeing everywhere are articles and posts about the Reproductive Health Bill.

There are many things I dislike about NY. This is in a league of its own. Abortion is the major cause of death in the US. There are more abortions annually than deaths from disease, guns, cars..ANYTHING.

Just stop and think about that. Over 700,000 reported abortions a year.

1917 abortions a day.

80 abortions an hour.

There is an abortion MORE than once every minute in the US.

At least one abortion had taken place since you started reading this and that numbers about to rise.

NY has passed a bill that allows abortion up to birth. This isn’t ‘reproductive health’ anymore.

Abortion has been around as long as mankind has been around. It used to be illegal and dangerous. Women died and I don’t want us to go back to those days.

I personally find abortion horrific but I don’t think it should be unavailable. I do however think we’re putting emphasis on the wrong problem. The problem shouldn’t be how to we allow people to terminate unwanted pregnancies. It should be how do we stop the unwanted pregnancies in the first place. New York and every other state have this ass backwards. The emphasis should be on better and more accessible birth control.

I was horrified to learn abortions were available up to 26 weeks. I know babies born at 24 weeks who are perfect. Once a child can potentially survive outside the womb, it’s past the point where it should be aborted. This new bill goes even further and frankly, it’s murder. There are people who would argue that it’s murder before that point and truthfully, I agree, however, as I have already stated. I do not want to see abortion being illegal and dangerous again.

This bill horrifies me. I have gone onto the NY Senate website and voted against which is my right as a citizen. I have today also contacted my Senator and my Representative and expressed my opinions to them.

Here is a list of those who voted aye to this bill.

Jamaal T Bailey

Brian A Benjamin

Alessandra Biaggi

Neil D Breslin

John E Brooks

David Carlucci

Leroy Comrie

James Gaughran

Michael Gianaris

Andrew Gounardes

Pete Harckham

Brad Hoylman

Robert Jackson

Todd Kandinsky

Anna M Kaplan

Brian Kavanagh

Timothy M Kennedy

Liz Krueger

John Liu

Monica R Martinez

Rachel May

Shelley Mayer

Jen Metzger

Velmanette Montgomery

Zellnor Myrie

Kevin S Parker

Roxanne J Persaud

Jessica Ramos

Gustavo Rivera

Julia Salazar

James Sanders Jr

Diane J Savino

Luis R Sepúlveda

José M Serrano

James Skoufis

Toby Ann Stavisky

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Kevin Thomas

If one of them is your senator you can contact them via this site to let them know your opinion.

We vote for these people. They are there to represent us. They are not there to do as they damn well please. It’s time we the people, reminded them of that fact.

There have been 47 abortions since I started writing this. How many have there been whilst you read this?

How much better and cheaper would birth control have been?

51 thoughts on “NY. Where Nothing Is Cheaper Than Life.

  1. This is horrible. I do not support abortion, except in serious cases like cases when the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life (like when she’s too young to give birth).

    You know, I raised a question related to this topic on Facebook some weeks ago and someone commented, “You’re one of those people who think aborting a month-old pregnancy is murder”
    And when I asked if it isn’t murder to terminate a pregnancy that old, he started rambling about how the foetus isn’t mature enough to be called a human being.
    I give up on humanity, TBH.

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  2. It would be nice if they tackled the issues contributing to unwanted pregnancies but that’s not where our legislators want to focus. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my body, certainly not these male dominated legislations. I don’t see them focusing on male health issues. Would be nice if they could focus on affordable health care or prenatal care for everyone who needs it. Yet, they spend millions on trying to close Planned Parenthood.

    You’re right about focusing on root causes and that’s where my efforts lie. I’ve volunteered with youth at risk and most lawmakers don’t have a clue. They yammer about stopping abortion but offer no resolution for unwanted children who do make it to birth. Believe me, many of their lives are awful.

    I’ll never be anti abortion but agree with you that beyond a certain term, that action is criminal. My dream is that people stop making this be about pro choice or pro life (I think most people are really pro life so it’s a shame we use that term) and get down to the business of improving the lives of children, before and after they get here.

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  3. Up to BIRTH????

    People voting along the Democratic lines are said to be from bigger cities, more educated, etc. I think big cities are turning evil (if they’re not there already), and the educated people are leaving them. But that’s off topic. (Get out of NY while you still can.)

    The numbers achieved your goal – they shake you to the core.

    You are absolutely right – it’s yet another example of a “solution”. It’s there to slap a band aid on a wound, not to determine its cause and make it heal until it vanishes. Unfortunately, many people don’t think of the potential consequences of having sex. And it’s saddening, because it just shows how irresponsible of a person you are in general. Maybe everyone should pass a test before engaging in intercourse? It’s a complex issue for sure. But just like Starbucks with its needle disposal boxes – it encourages people to do what they’re doing.

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    1. I was saddened, sickened and shocked to the core this morning… ESPECIALLY at them lighting up One World Tower ‘to celebrate’
      Using what most see as a monument to those who died on 9/11 to celebrate the death of millions is indescribable. Since Roe V Wade over 50 million babies have been aborted in the US. That was 1972. Not even 50 years ago so over a million a year.

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  4. It’s fuckin nuts britchy! I heard about this the other day and I cannot believe it.

    They need to release the pictures of aborted babies so the entire nation can see how horrific and disgusting abortions really are.

    It’s almost like they enjoy passing these laws just to show how “progressive” they have become!

    Women and doctors get away with murder at least 700,000 or more times a year in our country! And that ain’t no shit!

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    1. I always thought of it as ‘one World tower’ as opposed to two or twin towers. I thought it was a statement about one tower not one world – who knows?
      Lighting it for abortion is offensive. At best, it’s a subject that should be approached with gravitas and respect – not a bloody party.

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      1. I wish you well in your quest for humane justice
        “You may never know what results of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results” – Mahatma Gandhi

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      1. Britchy, i hate to say this, but that’s a waste of time. One side endorses it and applauds it. The other side says they’re vigorously opposed to it, yet does nothing. 2 wings, same bird…

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      2. My voice doesn’t do much. But if you add yours, and others add theirs we become a roar that can’t be ignored. I might not be loud on my own but I can try to be part of a NO that all of America hears.
        I can’t stand back. I mightn’t be listened to – but it won’t be for want of yelling!!

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      3. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
        ‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭7:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬

        Ultimately this is the answer.

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      4. I believe in God, but I also believe He gave us free will. He lets us learn from our mistakes rather than stopping us from making them. I won’t make the mistake of not speaking out 😊
        First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
        Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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  5. This is simply horrific. In most cases, I’m sure doctors can recognize risks to a mother’s life long before the pregnancy reaches full term.

    I completely agree that we need to focus on the root cause, preventing unwanted pregnancy in the first place (and, where necessary, making an early termination accessible for women).

    While I think women deserve autonomy over their bodies, I think this is taking it too far. I vividly recall a video they showed us in high school of a full-term baby being aborted–it curled up and pulled away from the foreign tools trying to cut off its limbs to make extraction easier. It was the most horrifying and devastating thing I’ve ever seen. People can say what they want, but at 40 weeks, even prior to exiting the womb, a child has some sense of what’s happening, and it’s not right.

    I’m not in NY, but if I were, I would absolutely take part. Sending thoughts and prayers to the decision-makers out there, and those working to change their minds.

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    1. You can still contact your senators and representatives and state how disgusted you are with NY and what steps are they taking to make sure this doesn’t happen in your state or nationwide because you can be assured, this is only the first step

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  6. I believe in choice, but I do not agree with abortion up to birth and the thought of it sickens me. I agree with you that lawmakers are focusing on the wrong issue. Birth control for both men and women should be easily available, as education, services, support, etc. One question we should perhaps ask, is why are these fundamentals lacking or unavailable?

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    1. Birth control should be completely free and easily accessible. Going to a clinic for condoms or having to pay a copay to see a doctor for pills injections etc is inconvenient and not always affordable. Flu shots are free if you have insurance. Birth control should be something you shouldn’t have to pay a copay to see a doctor for and condoms should be available discreetly without cost everywhere.
      Ultimately it would cost a lot less than abortions.


      1. Totally. There should be mandatory vasectomies for men who continually impregnate women. That would solve a lot of these issues. The burden is constantly put on women.


    1. Do they need a prescription? I think that’s dangerous without a medical. There’s contra indications with ALL meds so they really need to be prescribed. But seeing a doctor for a prescription AND filling it should be free. Condoms should also be free AND easily accessible as they’d cut out a lot of STD’s too!


      1. They have a consult with the pharmacist first. Planned Parenthood is everywhere. Condoms are free, STD testing is free. I used planned Parenthood when I was in high school. I rode the bus there, had my exam and got my pills. I didn’t want to get pregnant. I’ll never understand unplanned pregnancy, especially with the Plan B pills

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  7. Oops hit send.. D’oh!
    I’m pro choice. Women should decide what to do with their bodies. I personally believe that once a fetus is viable that abortion should only be an option in extreme cases. That’s my personal opinion.

    We as citizens should be speaking up all the time, every time. This country is ours. Those people in office are there to speak for us, not whoever has the most money. I encourage everyone to get involved in their government at every level. It’s the only way to change things

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  8. I am pro-life and abortion is killing an innocent baby. People go to jail for murder, but are allowed to kill innocent children? I’m sorry, but I believe that abortion should not be allowed. If they don’t want children, then use condoms or something to prevent you having children so you can have your sex in peace. Or adopt it out. I think I have read somewhere that some doctors will transfer the baby from the womb to a surrogate mother or something so someone else can carry the baby and give birth to it. Why not try that if you don’t want the baby? Better than aborting it.

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    1. That’s just horrific. Once a baby can survive outside the womb.. it just boggles my mind. Honestly I hate all abortion but I can see that realistically- it’s going to happen, same as it always has. I’m just stunned that they’ll do this but not compulsory sterilization? Not that I agree with that either but why is one okay and the other isn’t?

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      1. No I haven’t, I’ll google it now. Birth control would be far better for everyone. This is just …unnecessary to say the least. Birth control education could totally wipe out the need for abortion


      2. That comes with its own caveats. The Pill uses synthetic hormones & the body has a hard time dealing with it. I was on the Pill for seven years… I was a skinny, lanky teen but, grew grossly overweight on them. Then, I wound up in a private institution for severe depression because of them. They screw up your endocrine system. It took me nearly 30 years to recover from the damage. IUDs are foreign objects in the body & they cause problems.

        No one uses diaphragms anymore and guys complain about not being able to feel anything with condoms.

        I get the abortion thing. I had to have one, once, at 8 weeks. I was on a medication that caused severe birth defects. I’m not saddling a child with that because of Big Pharma. But, having an abortion after you carry a child for the nine months??? Why not just deliver and give it away? I don’t understand…

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      3. That’s exactly it. I am not totally anti abortion by any means. I just think there needs to be a much earlier decision. There are a lot of options to the pill, diaphragms, iuds, condoms.. something will be right for everyone and frankly, anything is ‘tighter’ than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best! Frankly with stds etc more condom use would be a good thing! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t play Russian roulette the way some young kids do.
        I’m sorry you had to go through that. That’s all awful. My sister had to have an abortion as she had cancer. She made the choice so that she could be around to look after her other two kids and that was the right choice for her. It’s a personal choice and we all deserve to do what we feel best about but there’s a big difference in an abortion at 12-16 weeks or less and later. I miscarried at 11 weeks, 13 weeks and 17 weeks. I know.


      4. “…anything is ‘tighter’ than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best!” AMEN, Sista Britchy!

        I was thinking as I was typing that condoms would help greatly with diseases.

        I’m sorry your sister had cancer. That monster got my beloved stepmom 5 1/2 years ago.

        An abortion at 8 weeks was bad enough. The physical pain was awful. My blood pressure bottomed out and they had to bring me back with some kind of injection. I also had to go into the clinic with a Sheriff’s Deputy escort because there was a lot of picketing and violence back in 1993 in Greensboro.

        That was the only time I was ever pregnant. Severe endometriosis took over and a decade later, I had a hysterectomy.

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  9. Abortion is sick and it’s murder. And for that very reason it should be illegal. Murder shouldn’t be legal – period. Same reason euthanasia/assisted suicide shouldn’t even be considered. I’m not so staunchly opposed where the mother’s life may be at stake. But those are a very small percentage.

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