The Saga Of Behind The Eyeball or How To Deal With Incompetent Lazy Fuckwits.

After much fuckwittery, I’m having the MRI/MRA of my brainium on the 31st. They’re knocking me out because it’s going to be a long one. I saw the ophthalmic neuro in Rochester on Dec 5th and she said it would probably be after Christmas because of booking an anaesthesiologist as well as the mri thingummyjob.

With having the family here and then being sick I didn’t think about not having got an appointment so I didn’t call them to check until Jan 15th.

The coordinator, Melissa, said that the doctor hadn’t passed on the info to book it. I asked who had sent me the letter describing everything the doctor had stated was wrong and the plan of attack – and the tithead said she did! So she saw that an mri/mra was needed but didn’t check??

I demanded to have the doctor call me and this Melissa waffled on and on and said she would call me back.

She called back about twenty minutes later saying she’s booked one for (wait for it!!) May 1st!! I kid you not. They’re checking for fricken tumours and aneurysms and she thinks it’s okay to wait until May 1st?! #Idontfuckenthinkso!!

I told her I’d call other places to arrange an mri because that was an unacceptable wait and she said go ahead. I asked to speak to the doctor again and she said that’s not necessary and hung up on me!

Anyway, I called a couple of other radiology clinics and found one that could do it as early as Thursday last week with me being out for the count so I called her back to send over an order.

She said she’d have to get authorisation from the insurance and she wouldn’t cancel the May 1st appt until she did. I told her to cancel it immediately because I would go out of state before I’d wait that long. Bear in mind, she’s already got this authorisation during the 20 minutes it took to call back after my first call.

Unsurprisingly, she didn’t call back. I called on Friday and got her answerphone.

I called again on Tuesday and spoke to someone else who said she couldn’t see a request for authorisation but she’d get Melissa to call me back after her lunch.

No call.

I called Wednesday morning at 9:30am and was told she’d call me back within the hour.

At 2pm, I’d had enough. I called the insurance company and asked them if they had had a request for authorisation at a different clinic. They hadn’t, but said it would be an automatic yes so they couldn’t understand the delay. They called the eye clinic and unsurprisingly, they couldn’t speak to Melissa either but they spoke to someone else.

Melissa was supposed to call them back too…

Yesterday morning I got a call from the Radiology clinic I’d contacted saying they had had authorisation from the eye clinic and when did I want to go in! The bitch didn’t even have the balls to call me!

The moral of all this is don’t be a doormat. The best person to advocate for you is yourself and don’t let any jumped up little jobsworth dictate the terms if they don’t suit you.

I haven’t finished with her yet as I have every intention of telling the neuro about the allegations of incompetence her staff levelled against her at my next appointment too.

50 thoughts on “The Saga Of Behind The Eyeball or How To Deal With Incompetent Lazy Fuckwits.

  1. I certainly hope you’re not finished with her yet?! She needs a face to face from you….Like WTF?! I’d go find her in her office. Who da fuk does she think she is?! Incompetent, self-righteous ____ (insert any apt expletives here, don’t hold back).

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    1. If I make a mistake I put my hands up. I apologise and I tell people what I’ll do to make it right and I keep them informed every step of the way. I think that’s a very basic way to behave and I hold others to that standard. The minute anyone throws someone else under the bus I lose all respect. That’s beyond unprofessional. There have been times I’ve taken the brunt of someone else’s mistake but I’ve never thrown them to the dogs. That’s beyond unprofessional. You take that up behind closed doors.

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  2. Well she just sounds completely incompetent! Uugggghhhhh!! Glad you are vocal enough to stand up for yourself. I hope if I am ever in such a position that I would have the resolve to do the same

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    1. If not call me, I’ll stand up for you! I’ve advocated for a lot of others. When you’re ill and in pain you don’t need to be pushed around. I have made sure of that for several people while working (ironically) within a headache organisation!!

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  3. I am furious on your behalf! And speechless and trying to keep all naughty words to myself otherwise we’d all get sidetracked. Im so sorry you had that experience! That just riles me up the more I think on it! Aaaaaaargh! 😤🤬😤🤬😤🤬

    I’ve been curious to know if you’ve had any testing done yet. Prayers to you, Britchy. 😊

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    1. I’m just glad it was me and not someone less tenacious!
      Yes to other testing. I’ve had a series of blood work to try and rule out a couple of possible things like myasthenia gravis (I cant remember what the other two were!)

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  4. Wow……not to return a phone call repeatedly is really unprofessional. Best to mention it to the neurologist when you see him just so he is aware, but if she is part of the MRI/x-ray dept he may not be able to do anything about it. Good luck and I hope you get an answer soon. On the plus side, if they were making you wait until January in the first place, they must not be too worried about any of those worst case scenarios. Now if you lived in Canada, where health care if free but waiting is the norm, May would be a standard wait!

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    1. It was supposed to be a 3-4 week wait but thanks to this dingbat it’s ended up almost twice that. She works for the eyeball institute not the x ray clinic. They’re on opposite sides of the city, billing is different etc and the fruit loop sadly works for my neurologist.
      On a plus note I WILL be seeing her at my next appointment *evil smirk*

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  5. I’m glad you got it sorted. I know from way too much experience how awful dealing with incompetent twits can be.
    I’m also glad to hear you’re going to have sedation. Maybe it won’t be so scary. I still don’t understand why they can’t book you into an “open air” MRI machine.😕
    I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts 🍀💌

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    1. I am a bugger for letting stuff go because it takes too much effort and too much of me to hold grudges. I think this is one I won’t let go of mostly because my conscience won’t let me. She lied to everyone. That’s unconscionable

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      1. And, she was willing to let your health suffer. This isn’t about one upping her (who has energy for that) but you know you weren’t the first one she’s done this to. Her behavior was reckless and her doctors should know about this. Similar thing was done to my mother and I got to the doctor on my own. She was gone by the next visit. My mother had lung cancer!!

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  6. So aggravating…and unnecessary, especially when you’re already stressed out about the procedure in the first place. I hope all goes smoothly and the results give you the answers you’re hoping for!

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  7. You’re absolutely right – don’t be a doormat, and don’t be afraid to question procedures. The doctors in larger clinics rarely know the actual cost charged to their patients – if they knew that a 5-minute consult cost $247.50 would they actually pay themselves that much for what they share? Grr…way to stick up for yourself. You’re in my thoughts!

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  8. Yes l have reached this phase also, albeit slightly differently, but with my medication. I haven’t won the battle, but l have found that by being a simple yes man and being honest and polite or diplomatical correct, gets me no where.

    So l had to lose my rag and demanded if they were experiencing my fucking pain and who the fricketty doodle duck fuck did they think they were? Strangely enough it worked, l even got an apology.

    They dropped my meds down from 2300mg per four hours to 1000mg per 6 hours which as you may recall left me in agony for my own mri on the 5th and resulted in me experiencing a spasm and a severe one in the dome. They hoo haahed about medication, and l did have to finally just absolutely lose it with the surgery and threatened to sue them for malpractice and deliberately trying to cause physical harm to one of their patients. Now, when l ask for a repeat prescription they give me what l want. As said battle still not won, as l don’t really want to be taking 20 plus tablets in 24 hours each day, but baby steps is the way forwards.

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      1. It’s a year since it all began with a tingle in my right hand on Tuesday next week. It’s now 26 weeks since l walked into the doctors and said l think l have a problem.

        I hope that l get the results of this MRSA this coming week, and l can go in for this injective surgery and l pray that it works, because the deterioration has just gotten worse. The pinched nerve and the collapsing shoulder were originally the only two problems, but now with it taking so damned long, the upper bicep tendonitis only came about as a serious problem because of all the delayed tactics and buggering about.

        Like you Helen, l am afraid l no longer have the patience to be polite.

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