The Advent Of Galaxy Bitch.. Or MRI day..

Yesterday I had my MRI’s and MRA’s. I’m pretty sure I SHOULD now have super powers after being cooked so long hence my new super hero name. I didn’t sleep very well the night before. I kept having flashbacks to the previous one and it wasn’t a fun few hours.

Fate was smiling on me though as they called to ask if I could go in early as the person ahead of me cancelled due to the weather. That was great for me as I didn’t have so long to wait and work myself up.

I’d like to spare a thought for the staff at the clinic though. They didn’t cancel. They made it in through adverse weather and I’m very grateful for their dedication. Whilst I am in no way advocating putting yourself at risk to get to work, I’m particularly thankful for our core medical, police, firefighters and EMT’s who never let us down regardless of weather.

That being said – we were short an anesthesiologist. Thankfully this was a different clinic (because I booked it if you remember! Not Unhelpful Hellga Horrible From the eyeball institute!!)

This place has an ‘open bore’ mri. It’s different from the other one I had. It’s still a tube but it’s a bit bigger and it’s very brightly lit inside. It’s also open at either end so you can be got out in two directions. The other big advantage is that it scans a lot quicker so it would take half the time here it would have done at the hospital in Rochester.

Ultimately this wasn’t that great a help as I had to have a radiation cage over my face. It’s not something you can even get out of as they clip it down. They had given me sedation. I think a Snickers would have worked better.

I was sat back out in the waiting room with ‘im indoors waiting for the sedation to kick in. Beth Stern was on the buggery box talking to Rachel Ray about cats and kittens. I’m a HUUUUGE dan of Beth Stern. She’s a tireless advocate for cats and fosters hundreds yearly and gets them adopted. She’s the reason I started Instagram, to follow her. If you instagram have a look at @Bethostern. Anyway seeing her with cats was a bright spot and I thought about that a lot during the 90 minutes I was being brain excavated.

They also gave me headphones and put Pandora on. I could have any channel I wanted so I asked for Queen. I don’t know if all Pandora stations work the same way but it wasn’t JUST Queen. It was some Queen and a lot of other artists singing a cacophony of songs that should NEVER be played for someone who’s already worked up and stuck in an MRI tube! There was Queen -Save Me up first. Then there was Here I Am Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealers Wheel which I love but this wasn’t the time for it! Staying Alive by The Bee Gees and bloody Stairway to Heaven!!!! There were others I don’t remember. I have to admit, it did amuse me! I’m just grateful there wasn’t the House of the Rising Sun while I couldn’t escape lol

So there I was. Lying inside R2D2 while listening to decidedly twisted music. Freezing my arse off in spite of two blankets. Trying not to scream while tears were just running down my face and not even able to twitch my toes for relief because they’d purposely told me not to. I’m not going to lie. I was at the edge of reason.

When they pulled me out halfway through my poor husband was devastated to see how much I was crying. Ever the opportunist, I told him this had to be worth a ginger kitten. I think if I’d said I wanted an Aston Martin he’d have started googling car loans! I upped it to two kittens because you have to pick your moments while the wallet shields are lowered don’t you ladies?! It was a lot of bravado on my part. I joke hardest when I’m at my lowest. Once the contrast was injected and I had to go back in the tears started even harder. I wanted that cage off my head so much but I knew if they took it off it would be game over. There’s no way they’d get it back on me again. I got through round two and it was harder. They’d moved my arm to injectacute me with spider monkey venom or whatever other weird shittery they stuck in. Gladiolium or something! All I can think of now is Dame Edna Everidge.

Moving on.

My arm wasn’t comfortable for round too so I spent the entire time trying to hang on to it awkwardly which was hurting my shoulder. I had rotten back ache in my lungular region, possibly because I was cold and I was just miserable. Thankfully there weren’t as many scans needed with contrast so the second ‘half was slightly shorter.

I heard the voice through the intercom. Saying it was all done. Waiting to be pulled out took FOREVER. It was realistically just over 5 minutes according to ‘im indoors but it felt interminable. My coping was beyond done. I was hiccuping as well as crying now and when they took the damn cage the tears just flooded. I had to be helped to sit up. My back was horribly sore trying to breathe and move but thankfully that wore off really quickly. I hated the whole thing BUT it was indescribably better than my previous MRI and the staff were far nicer too. That makes a huge difference. I couldn’t drive or sign legal documents for 24 hours because of the sedation. Honestly, apart from a raging headache I couldn’t tell I’d had anything.

I have two cd’s of all the scans so I can now PROVE there’s something between my ears. There will be much obnoxiousness ahead based on this! Some of the scans are labeled ‘circle of willis’. I don’t really know what this is but it sounds like the origin of all profanity. Pretty sure THATS enlarged!!

Now we just have to do the wait to get the results to the eyeball neuro and the headache neuro – that’s the easy bit!

69 thoughts on “The Advent Of Galaxy Bitch.. Or MRI day..

  1. I am o sorry fro the horrible experience you had with the MRI/MRA. I loathe them too, and reat the same way you did.
    But, I gotta be honest with you… Reading this brought me to tears by laughing so hard. You’re a real trip!
    I hope you end up getting the ginger kitten, heck you deserve the car too! 😂 🤣

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  2. While MRI’s don’t bother me, I have to admit I’d probably feel differently if I had to had the helmet thing strapped on. I’m sorry you had to go through this again…. but if the end result is 2 kittens and indisputable proof you do have a brain, maybe it was worth it.

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  3. Awww, I thought about you all this week after I read your Blog on Sundy about going in yesterday. Glad you made it out alive and in tact and most importantly with your sense of humor.

    Whewwww; what a relief!

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  4. I understand it was hard and absolutely horrible, but I’m sure glad you did it and got through it too. Hopefully, no one slipped in the puddles of tears you let behind😅. This post had me laughing so hard.😂😂

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  5. The stubborn and contrary always seem to pull through – I had every faith you’d return to the keyboard snarky as ever! I fully expect loads of kitten pics, videos and stories!

    For the record: Good job you!

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  6. oh grief, l feel for you, l do, and l am sorry if at any times reading my response makes you want to hit me, l will email you Suze’s addy so you can ask her to di it on your behalf but whilst your lowest times produce the best humour, l too find that when l am stressful for someone l become very humoerous!

    But that was an awesome post and with the memes l was dying!! Crying, the tears were hot and rolling down my cheeks, it was terrible! At one point l even had to consider calling an answer as l couldn’t breathe, that ‘s how bad the crying was!

    But on a serious side, l really do hope you get these answers and fast, because the waiting game just fucking sucks!

    Dogs dont – Catscan – l am crying 🙂

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      1. Well you know me Britchy, l try and say it as it is, you prefer my honesty rather than just give you some generic get well sentiments. Obviously l am concerned, but your wit is still splendid, and l love your determination to shine.

        I even gave you a dedicated call out in my last podacst 🙂

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  7. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    When you can post at your lowest and produce startling content such as this, as Britchy does here – it works absolute wonders – this a brilliantly motivating post and whilst it is about a serious issue, Britchy handles it beautifully – dog’s don’t catscan – awesome!

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  8. I love being called in earlier for something, the waiting around is awful.
    I’ve never had an open bore MRI, just the usual one, but that one does sound better. As if there are degrees of pleasurability for a scan. Pah.
    House of The Rising Sun, I love that track! Definitely not MRI-friendly though, or when you’re going caving or into a department store (I can never find my way out of those things, they terrify me).
    Hope you get the results without too much delay, and hey, you survived! Woooohooo!
    Caz xx

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    1. The house of the rising sun and whiter shade of pale are two songs I hate! Ive heard too many diabolical covers by dreadful live bands in pubs over the years. Now they both make me need romped because I used to sit them out in the loo so much my bladder is conditioned!!

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      1. Ok, I have a confession of utter stupidity. When I wrote that, I was thinking of Hotel California (probably because I listened to it 10 minutes before reading your post) and how ‘you will never leave’. That’s the track I love, but isn’t great for anywhere you may get stuck forever, like an MRI. Or department store maze. What a moron I am sometimes. Can I blame fibromyalgia ‘brain fog’? Maybe. I will.

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  9. Goodness. I cried reading that. Talk about feeling like a caged animal. Humor does assist in smoothing out rough edges & tension. The song choices? OY. The channel should be re-named to “Tongue-In-Cheek MRI Music: Songs To Torture The Addled Mind

    I am so sorry. I’ve had two MRIs, one for my left knee & one for my lumbar. I’m not claustrophobic (tho, I wouldn’t want to crawl under a car) but, they are uncomfortable. Plus, there is that annoying “wop, wop, wop” sound they make (unless they have changed). Plus, I never had to wear a boxing helmet. Yuck.

    I hope you get the Aston Martin plus three kittens…Ginger, Black & Tuxedo. And, lots of cake.

    Now that the actual existence of a brain has been determined, next is finding out why said brain hurts & why eyes are malfunctioning.


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    1. I haven’t considered the possibility of anything actually being wrong since this started. I’ve got it fixed in my head that either prism lenses or corrective eyeball surgery is what’s going to be next. It’s kind of like the ‘are you sure you’re not pregnant’ question before an X-ray. They have to check but there’s nothing there. We’ll see.


      1. Ruling things out follows in the Sherlock fashion, as well as Occam’s Razor. It’s a shame that the ‘ruling out’ phase involves torture.

        I say, give Britchy her lenses (either external or laser-corrected) and let her rule The Galaxy!

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  10. Fingers crossed. I had one on my arm when I ripped my bicep. They asked what music I liked and I said rock. He said they had one cd and he would put it in. My luck was the one cd they had was U2, I hate them. Had to sit in the missile tube for 30 minutes listening to Bono wine on, HELL.

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    1. I’d have brought a CD with me happily! I didn’t dislike the music, it was just odd that it wasn’t Queen. Apparently that’s a thing with Pandora, they throw in similar music.
      Who’d play The Bee Gees as being ‘like Queen’?!

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  11. On the upside if anyone ever comments that you need your head examined, you can tell them you had a cat scan it and pronounced that you have a, well, a head, filled with squiggly circle things enlarged or not ♥♥♥

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    1. Unfortunately nothings actually changed. I tried calling my GP and theyveont prescribe migraine meds before I see the headache neuro. That one hasn’t reviewed the MRIs yet and, even with meds, I’m still getting them as frequently. All that’s changed is that I know it’s not a tumour. In a way, it’s kind of back to square one.

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