Lessons in Map Reading for Life

Life isn’t a straight line from the cradle to the grave. It’s a series of curves, some are gentle, the curve is so gradual you don’t even notice it. The kind of curve you don’t notice until you look back and can’t see where you were before. The curve of education, learning a little more every day. Processing new facts and developing as a person with new ideas of how to be.

Then there are closed curves. The kind that have you going around in circles and always ending up in the same place. They can be a pretty big circle, a figure of eight, an irregular shape. You might not realize it for a few laps as you don’t always notice all the scenery. Eventually you catch on but whether you take a detour to a new and better road or just keep looping in the hope the road changes so you don’t have to.. well that’s up to you.

Then there are the hairpin curves. The ones where life launches you to the edge of a precipice and it’s only by the grace of God that you cling on and make it round the bend. Those curves are unavoidable. They can sneak up at any time. There aren’t warning signs a mile ahead. You can navigate them but you need a safety belt of good friends at your back. You need a map of morals and high quality integrity tires to keep you on track. The only good thing about hairpin curves is after you survive the first, you know how to survive the rest. They’re still hard – but you now know they’re survivable.

There’s no way to avoid curves in Life’s journey. There’s no way to predict what ones you’ll reach and when. As with everything, hindsight is 20/20 but you can have the foresight to maybe avoid some future rocky roads.

This was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Curve.

The photo is my own. Taken between Kerry and Cork in Ireland.

31 thoughts on “Lessons in Map Reading for Life

      1. There’s a road that goes from the mountains down to the desert near where I live. That was the scariest drive I ever did.
        I found a video of a motorcycle going up…sheesh! EVERYTHING is on youtube

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  1. I hate the hairpin curves. I agree to survive those, you need a lot of good friends, good strategies, and a lot of luck. What is the photo in this post of? I am blind so couldnt see it. Xxx

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      1. I’ve never been to the gap of Dunlo. Last year and American tourist was killed there they were on one of the horse and cart rides and the horse fell and the car 20 over the ravine some ravine that was down there

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      2. Those horse and carriage drivers are assholes. They drive like maniacs and if you don’t want one of their rides, they’ll ‘curse You. They didn’t find it half as funny when I cursed them back lol

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    1. Very good questions!! I would put a very large portion of the ‘blame’ for our current predicament firmly on the shoulders of the Chinese government who hid the story for so long, blatantly lied and obfuscated what information they did release and continue to this day to fudge data and reveal nothing. I think hindsight 2020 can be ‘sum ting Wong’
      Please note this is not intended to besmirch Chinese people in any way. They’re as wronged by their government as the rest of the World.

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