Corona Symphonia

They say life imitates Art but it’s truly the other way round. In a musical score, the tempo can change from one bar to the next. Sometimes you see it coming, sometimes it’s a surprise. Life is really quite the same.

Andanteslow, at walking pace

I moved house in February and my first few weeks were idyllic. It was tough being separated from my husband and son but I saw them every other weekend. It was manageable.

Bellicosowarlike, aggressive

Then the tempo changed. Life was no longer a waltz, it was a march and at times, it seemed like the Imperial March.

Duet whilst Solo

Thankfully my husband made a snap decision to bring my son here so at least I have him here. ‘im indoors, in research, is considered essential so we’re existing on phone calls, texts and emails. Tempo comes from the Latin tempus, time. Tempus Fugit. Time flies and it really does. Even now in the endlessness of enforced ease, time seems slow but it’s flying by. I’m enjoying reading and cooking and taking my dogs for walks. I’m adopting two kittens in a week or so. I’d like to be working but I’m enjoying having time to do as I please. It’s a gift.

A Battutareturn to normal after a deviation

This is what’s keeping everyone going. The anticipation of a future ‘normal’. Obviously some things will be different. Things changed after 9/11 with the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. We can absolutely expect that lessons will be learned from this too but in general, life WILL return to the same. Kids will go to school. We’ll go to work, we’ll grill with friends, we’ll go to the cinema. Everything changes… and yet, everything remains the same.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Tempo

15 thoughts on “Corona Symphonia

  1. using music is a beautiful way to explain something. I have a family blog with a couple of words in the title that are musical. :o)
    One of the most frustrating things, for me, after 9/11 was how the date of the Super Bowl was changed. Now, it often happens on my birthday..which is horrible!!!!! I’m not a sports person and having my birthday be unimportant anyway makes it worse when it is on a day set aside for something I don’t care for.

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