Getting The Story Straight..

The editor of a local paper hears about these two twins in the retirement home Harriet and Hazel who is celebrating their 102nd Birthday. He needs a feel-good story for filler so he sends down a photographer to snap some pictures. 

He gets there and asks the twins if he can take their picture. 
Harriet being hard of hearing asked, “What did he say?”
Hazel shouts in her ear, “He wants to take our picture for the paper!”

The photographer asked them to sit together on the couch then again Harriet asks, “What did he say?” Hazel then shouts “He wants us to sit together!”

Finally, the photographer gets the picture he wants and says, ‘That’s perfect, just let me focus. Again Harrit pipes in and asks, “What he says?” Hazel shouts He says he wants to focus!”

Hazel looks stunned and says “Both of us!”

This was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Focus

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