Willy and the Hand Jive

I had to run to Walmart for a couple of bits and bobs this afternoon. I hate the place. I’ve avoided it for ages after being ripped off by a thievin’ scumbag cashier who added cash back to my receipt. I didn’t check – shame on me. The manager wouldn’t do anything about it so I voted with my feet and withdrew my option to shop.

Until today.

What a bloody mistake that was.

Two different experiences in the one trip, one nice, one horrible.

I was wandering around in patterned brown velvet leggings, Bearpaws (like Uggs) a long sleeved brown t shirt and a big “boyfriend” burgundy chenille cardigan. Not exactly glamour-pants but oh so comfy!!

I was stopped by one woman who told me I was cute and tiny and looked just like Olivia Newton John! Umm me?! I do hope they fix her cataracts soon!!

Then I wandered into the stationery department. I’ll freely admit, I’m a bit of a bugger for pens and coloured poper clips and multi sized postit’s. I was happily looking at bobble head drawing pins when this filthy scummy looking man stood beside me and said

“Do you give hand jobs?”

I was stunned. I was angry and I was more than a little bit grossed out.

I was not however, silent.

“Absolutely. Which of your hands would you like me to shove RIGHT UP YOUR ARSE?”

His face was a picture, but I didn’t hang around. I flounced off to the Kitchen section and cheered myself up playing with Pioneer Woman teapots.

I started wondering what I’d done to make him think I’d either do that or that it was acceptable to talk to me like that. I reviewed what I was wearing and then, if it wasn’t for the fact I would have hurt like the devil, I’d have given myself a mighty kick.

Nothing I was wearing was inappropriate. I was covered from head to toe. Even if I was in there in more revealing clothes, he didn’t have any right to talk to me like that.

No one has the right to objectify you or dehumanize you. To reduce you to an object for their gratification. It was his shortcoming not mine and I hope his “shortcoming” is limp for the rest of his rotten life too.

I did approach a member of staff who’s attitude was they couldn’t do anything as it would have been my word against his.

A strong message.

Walmart doesn’t value women. Walmart doesn’t value customer safety.

Walmart values money, I’ll be thinking much more carefully in future about where mine deserves to be spent.

4 thoughts on “Willy and the Hand Jive

  1. I live 5 minutes from Walmart, and do a lot of shopping there, because of the Convience, anytime I go it.1 to 2 registers open all others self checkout, which I prefer I have severe anxiety! So it’s a Saturday, Very Very busy, I’m scanning.stuff,.this woman in a yellow vest, walks up as I’m scanning my items and reaches into my.buggy, and says, “Did you forget something, I say excuse me, Did you forget something, and I went off, told her I haven’t forget a damn thing, I’m still scanning, And why in the hell was she reaching imy biggy! I have them call.over manager, he apologized and.i came.home,.still fuming, so.o.domt.gp back for awhile and.habe to go again

    My next trip back, again self checkout, I’m the only one there at the time, I have 4 packs of the 10 hangers, I’m scanning, and a different women in yellow vest, walks up to me, says excuse me I need to get through here and she’s looking at my screen and says, let’s not forget to scan them all, I said excuse me and by this time there is a want behind me, I ask again, what did you say to me, the woman behind me says, I think you need to answer her, she refuses and I go off. I come home call the Corporate office, and they do nothing, so now I drive 20 minutes or more to shop somewhere else.

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      1. Yes me too, The problem with Walmart, they are so big and are really the biggest retail, and grocery around,so their attitude, of who cares is crap, after awhile 1 customer gone leads to another and another, no one is ever to big to Shut down

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