Contentment, Happiness and why I don’t want to be the Boss of You!

I’ve seen so many posts lately from people wanting to change their place in society. Whilst I don’t think that bad at all, I absolutely do think people need to be very honest with themselves about their motivation.

Is it a desire to be a better version of you? A more rounded human being? Or is it for prestige, power or fame?

Understanding and accepting your place in society is crucial to your own self worth. There are many roles in a functioning group, all of which are necessary.

Recognizing that you are important and essential wherever you fall in any given hierarchy, be it school, work, family, friends – is key to contentment and happiness.

At work, the janitor is no less important than the CEO. If anything, they’re more important! There’s always someone ready to step into the CEO’s shoes. Not so much the janitors – but look how quickly the building falls apart if the janitor takes a day off!

Truthfully, who even notices if the CEO isn’t there on any day? Ultimately, who makes your life better and how do you treat them?

I don’t live my life trying to be a decent human being because I’m afraid I won’t go to Heaven when I die. I try to live my life in such a way as to create heaven here and now.

I’m not going to be a better me by making you a lesser you.

Some people never learn that and they stunt themselves because of it. Building each other up, empowering each other and helping people see the good in themselves is the very best way to find and show the good in you.

If someone doesn’t do that for you, smile and walk on. If you aren’t doing that for others – why?

19 thoughts on “Contentment, Happiness and why I don’t want to be the Boss of You!

  1. So true. Everyone is important no matter what role you fill in society. I think some people forget that. The best bosses are the ones who treat everyone equally regardless of title. A good reminder, thx!

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  2. I loved what you wrote about “Ultimately, who makes your life better and how do you treat them?” Great question you posed. Ultimately, that is what matters, people around you that support you and how you treat them. Loved this piece!

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  3. So true. After I graduated with my BS, I wanted to change paths and work in early childhood education. My parents were okay with it because my dad thought I planned to eventually make my way up and run my own preschool or something on those lines. He was super against it when I told him I didn’t want to just be on the administrative side of things. I didn’t end up following that path because of other influences. But I still wish my dad could see things like you.

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    1. There is NO ONE who is more important than those we trust our children to. Not only for the safety and care of day to day living but for how you help shape the people they become. You’re amongst the first to show our children, love, how to behave, how to be with others – who you are and how you are is of paramount importance in shaping their future relationships. Anyone can run a company, not anyone can be a role model and nurturer for a child. There really isn’t anything more important. You might never be a “King” – but you will be a King maker.

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  4. I think everyone deserves respect withing society. My mother used to clean houses when I was younger. Does that make her any less of a person? I think not. She’s one of the most generous, honest and loving people I know.

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  5. Very astute wise words. We are created by God to help our fellow human beings and to take care of the animals. Everyone e had an enate talent that should be shared. We are all the same in Gods eyes.

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    1. Oh I absolutely do believe in God and want to go to heaven, I just think making this planet a little more heavenly wouldn’t hurt either! I don’t want to only do a good thing to go to heaven, that kind of takes the good out of it, I want to do things without expecting a reward because that’s the right thing (to me!)


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