The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the ever lovely Jo at Working Mom’s Hustle and also by Kai at Kailah’s Site

The Versatile Blogger Award was the first type of award I received so I have a special affection for it. I love these things. They aren’t a speedy post to write by any means but I do love recognizing other blogs, sharing ones I love to read and adding exposure for them. When others post awards they have received I live going through their nominees for really good blogs to follow and I hope that’s the reaction my award posts generate!

The rules for accepting this award are simple:

  • Display the Versatile Blogger Logo. There are several. If you don’t like the one I used, google one that suits your style better
  • Thank the person who nominated you and display their link
  • Share 7 interesting facts about yourself. Share more if you like, I’m inordinately nosey!
  • Nominate 7 AMAZING bloggers for this award – just like I did!

1. I’m horribly afraid of lighters and to some extent, matches. When we were kids, my brother gave himself a horrific burn playing with a lighter. It was me that learned the lesson though.

2. I’ve never smoked. Due in no small part to #1 I think but also because the smell makes me sick to my stomach.

3. I’ve met the Queen and the Pope. Not the current Pope, it was John Paul the second but hey, it counts.

4. I was outside Chelsea barracks when the IRA detonated a nail bomb. It was my 16th Birthday. I was in Harrod’s when it was bombed by the IRA. I was driving past Warren St tube when the detonators from Al Qaeda terrorism went off. I was on the last flight out of London Heathrow to JFK after the Icelandic volcano.

I think I’m bad luck.

5. I’m double jointed. My fingers look like they were designed by Edward Scissorhands!

6. One of my dream jobs would be a cat cuddler in a rescue sanctuary. The other would be a donkey whisperer – although maybe “whisperer” isn’t exactly the right word… not with donkeys!

7. I can – and do – eat a whole jar of pickled onions in one go.

Here are my awesome nominees! Trundle over to their blogs but tie a rope around your waist so you don’t get lost!!

The Average Aspirant

The Snortlepug Minute

Sunshiny SA Site.

The Wrongs I Must Write.

Wading In Wisdom

Written In The Ink

Zah Thinks

14 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congrats and thank you so much for nominating me.. I was just reading about you and ended up reading my name in the end.. Such a cute little surprise😀

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Congratulations xxx thanks also for the follow…I would say your a lucky one not unlucky…re the bombs etc…..double jointed….me too…in my elbows….I used to make people sick with what I could do with my arms lol….Oh no you don’t like chocolate!! thats ok more for me…cats and dogs…I have 2 cats but my daughter has 3….looking forward to reading more of your blog xx

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Still wow! My only hope of going to a garden party and meeting the queen rested on Prince Harry meeting, and then marrying, my sister. I’m sure she would have been game, but sadly for me that won’t be happening now… 😉

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