You Just Can’t Help Some People!!

I saw an ex coworker yesterday who I haven’t seen since before Christmas.

He was a little upset with me.

Before Christmas he was complaining about his wife. He was saying she was always bitching at him and she seemed to have PMS 24/7. (Married to him, I’m not surprised..)

Naturally my sympathies were with him not her………

So I offered some caring advice.

I told him Victoria’s Secret had special “pulsing massage tampons” for women with “period pains”

Evidently he mentioned this to her and she knew EXACTLY what I meant. She said she would love him to get her one and sent him on his merry way to Victoria’s Secret on a Present Shopping Trip!!

Let’s just say, she ended up with a different Christmas present.

She then proceeded to tell the entire family at their Christmas gathering and they’re not letting him live it down… yet somehow it’s my fault!!

I just won’t offer to help him again – ungrateful dildo!!

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