The Hinky Bones Connected to the Ewww Bone..

Little did I know, starting this week with quotes from British Prime Ministers and Bonar Law that is end up talking about the anatomy of said organ by Wednesday!

For those of you who are joyfully oblivious, surgeons performed a penis and scrotum transplant this week and I cannot get the idea out of my head.

Obviously there’s the “holding another man’s willy to wee” aspect. Even that got me thinking. What if they sewed it on backwards. Would you wee all over the floor? I’ve heard of eyes in the back of your head but .. yeah. If they sewed it on backwards could you really go eff yourself?

Imagine your hubby had a todger transplant. Would that count as adultery? Would you be forever ‘comparing’? Hopefully he didn’t get short- changed..

I know some men like to name their objects of affection. Obviously this donation had to come from a corpse, would he call it by his “old” name or call it Lazarus now that he’s technically raising the dead? Every week would be Easter with him rising again.

I have to admit I struggled trying to think of search terms for pictures to go with this post. Somehow I knew searching for images relating to penis transplants would not be a good idea. Surgery seemed the safest option but GRISLY!

Transplants have been common for years and I think it’s wonderful. I’m listed as an organ donor on my drivers license and have made it clear to my family what can and can’t be donated.

You can have any of my innards if they’re any good to anyone. I’m not prepared to donate eyes or face though. I read a book when I was little about a girl in the future who had an eye transplant. It ultimately led to her death. I don’t want anyone else seeing through my eyes. I think the face transplant is fairly understandable too. Maybe the revulsion I feel is because it’s so new, after all we think nothing of heart and lung transplants these days. Medicine hits new frontiers daily (for those who can pay anyway)

What if anything, would you allow to be donated after your death for transplant?

29 thoughts on “The Hinky Bones Connected to the Ewww Bone..

  1. I’ve already had my living will made and EVERYTHING that can be used can be donated. I want to be cremated anyway and if they charge by weight it will be cheaper the more that’s donated! I’ve also given French Charming strict instructions for my ashes. They are to be taken to Vegas and he and my bff are to flush some down as many casino toilets as they can on the strip. That’s where I discovered just how lactose intolerant I was, so it would be a walk down memory lane in a way!

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  2. Oh that’s so cool but definitely something to get used to. Not long ago the first uterine transplant patient successfully convinced a child and gave birth so reproductive transplants seem to be the newest successful medical revolution!

    While I would love to donate I don’t think I’m allowed. I am not even allowed to donate blood to the Red Cross or plasma for medical research. I lived in Germany during the Mad Cow epidemic and now possibly carry it inside me (which is terrifying as it can lay dormant for like 50 years and then randomly kill you!). I’d be willing to donate everything but my eyes assuming they’d accept them.

    Very interesting post!

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  3. My organ donation approval doesn’t include any exceptions. I just want them to make sure I don’t really need them anymore. You know, don’t rush the decision prematurely.

    My brother in law doesn’t want to give up his eyes 👀 or have them cremated because he wants to “be able to see the nakeds” when he gets to heaven. Naked men or women wasn’t specified.

    BTW, I missed the penis news story and am, again, impressed by how you think! Some questions in there that never occurred to me. And made me laugh.

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  4. Somehow, to me at any rate, “innards” are more impersonal. Outward bits are so much more “us”. (Only in a physical sense! Personality is far more important but you get to take that with you!)
    A face transplant actually horrifies me. I can’t imagine seeing my loved one with someone else’s face or someone else with theirs.
    Do I think someone should be able to have one? Absolutely. Anyone who is that unhappy should be helped but it’s 100% not in my comfort zone.

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  5. I read a story about a man who received a heart from one lady’s father, walked the lady down the aisle at her wedding in his place… I wonder if the recipient of the organ will take care of the deceased man’s widow/er?
    I hope the stitches are secure, I’d hate for that to fall off in the pool.
    Can this guy get penis envy over his new member?
    Think the original owner can feel it in the afterlife?
    Would it still be called ‘self-gratification’?
    Did he trade in for a newer model?
    If he’s straight, then he’d be the first in history to fondle another man’s junk, with the intent to pleasure, on a regular basis, whiling maintaining status as a heterosexual.
    Do his old condoms still fit?
    Did they match the skin tone?

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  6. “Lazarus made me laugh.
    You definitely pose some funny, yet interesting questions.
    I’ve been so out of touch with reality the past couple days that I somehow missed this big news, so thank you for bringing this up (pun not intended).
    However, I am rather skeptical. Penile transplants are not an every day occurrence so far and for some good reasons. One of the guys who received a penile transplant had it reversed (cut off) just weeks after the initial surgery. Because it CAN be pretty freaky.

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    1. It’s a whole new vista we never saw coming (I really did try to think of another way to phrase that!) Whoever – apart from Mary Shelley – thought this could happen? Frankenweiner is real – and he really does have nuts on either side of his visage 😂
      Whilst I’ll happily admit to feeling a little repulsed by it all, if it gives quality of life back to people who just don’t have any then I’m all for it.

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  7. I missed the penis transplant story too. Perhaps it’s because I’m on a news hiatus at the moment. This is an interesting topic though and one close to my heart. I’m on the donor list for everything. If someone can be helped, I say take it! When my mom passed away, her corneas were donated as well as her skin to burn victims. If you think about it too much, it can seem rather gnarly, but it gave me comfort knowing that she had helped others and in a way, lived on.

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  8. I briefly saw/heard this story earlier this week and it made me wonder what kinds of feelings this is going to bring up in this man over the rest of his life. I’m sure it’s better than the alternative but still full of potential “issues”. But the line of questions you all have posed it much more extensive and extremely entertaining 😄

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