If Music be the Food of Love?

I’m having a throw back Thursday and reblogging a post frombefore I had any followers 😊

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

China in your hand by T’Pau and So Amazing by Luther Vandross

Two songs that I’ll never forget as they caused my dad to cut the plug off my record player!

My best friend and I had been on one of our weekly nights out.

By that I mean it was a weeknight because we were out seven nights a week!

Anyway we were home by 3am and in my room having an autopsy of the night.

….Why she danced with THAT minger.

….Why I let creepy guy buy us both a drink.

….Why we both had to climb out the toilet window AGAIN!

Not an unusual occurrence for us!

Actually a few years ago they were knocking one of our favorite haunts on the Old Kent Road in London.

I was very tempted to ask the builders for the toilet window for old times sake but wasn’t sure if…

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