What a Dilemma!

I have to be at the Doctor’s for 9:30 and there’s a spider in my car.

Should I call the police or fire brigade? I know I need EMTs because I just about had heart failure when he swung down in front of my face

I’m thinking call a taxi and leave the keys in the car …maybe someone will steal it…

57 thoughts on “What a Dilemma!

  1. Spidy may just appreciate the gift of your lovely Mini!!! This reminds me of a post I’ve seen floating around Facebook that makes me laugh……

    What if that spider u just killed had spent entire life thinking u were his roommate?

    Ever think about that?
    No. You only think about yourself

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  2. I am the spider killer around here. At work, I was almost out the door and my boss sent one of the kids chasing after me to kill a spider in the kitchen. The students that I look after in the house where I live won’t even dare try to kill one haha I’m ok if I know where they are and can kill them but when they surprise me, I get a little jumpy. One time I was driving with a friend of mine, and a spider slowly crept down from the rear-view mirror and my friend FLIPPED OUT. She threw off her seat belt, was flayling all over the car, she grabbed the steering wheel almost making us crash…

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      1. HAHA well the window would have been better. Having the door open when I was driving would have been a huge distraction lol. But yes, SUCH a drama queen over it lol.

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  3. I had a very active house last night…walked through guidelines walking into the kitchen, scared a mouse on the counter, and then found the spider’s real web when I reached into the cat food bag. Fun! Won’t kill them though.

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  4. Eek! Arachnids freak me out. I put my dressing gown on yesterday and found one of the furry fiends had found its way into my neckline. Worst of all, the little thing jumped off and now I cannot find him.

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    1. I would have to put the house on the market. My husband laughs at me because I’ve never been down into our basement or up into the attic – and I’m not about to start now!


      1. That is just sensible! Who knows what nasty crawly things live there! My attic requires a jump from a ladder which I claim I cannot make.

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  5. CALL A SWAT TEAM. My suite mate in college and I sent an email to our college’s building and grounds people asking for one when there were wasps in our bathroom. They… did not :/

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      1. 😂😂😂😂hopefully not! I don’t know if I could do a story about nice bugs, but if I think about it too long, it might end up happening, so I’ll just leave those thoughts here

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  6. Spiders freak me out, especially when they appear before me all of a sudden. I don’t bother much if it’s a tiny one but the bigger ones certainly give me a scare. Ughh!!! Creepy crawlies 🕷

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  7. I had that happen once. He decided to swing down and say hello once I was already on the road driving. I almost killed us all trying to drive and do the “avoid the swinging spider dance”.

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