Of Mice and Men? More like Rats and Rascals!

I was walking Daisy this afternoon and I heard a guy talking on his cell “I’m his first gay bear”

Well that caught my attention but the bugger got across the road quicker than me and I didn’t hear anymore.

I was intrigued. Gay Bear??

I had to go to Aunty Google asap and apparently it’s a big, possibly overweight but beefy, hairy very masculine type of guy. Whatever you do don’t google it without checking if your in google images first. I need to bleach my eyes.

Think Bluto in Popeye or Rufus Buzzcut in the Wacky Races…

Turns out there’s other types like Otters and Wolves …

….and My Little Pony too!! Wait, I’m pretty sure that sorry sucker is straight…

Anyway. I think it’s very unfair we ladies are missing out on all fun. There isn’t anything like that for straight men – All we get are assholes, misers, snowflakes, mommas boys and cheaters (wait that COULD be CHEETAH… nah!! I like cats!!)

Ladies it’s time to spice up our menu! What animal represents your ideal man?!

15 thoughts on “Of Mice and Men? More like Rats and Rascals!

      1. The world is a beautiful mosaic of different people with diverse tastes and preferences, except for the people who use cottage cheese in their lasagna. They’re going straight to the Hot Place.

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  1. For the sake of your eyes, I would maybe ask urban dictionary next time. They don’t have photos lol, and they’re pretty up-to-date on terms like that. I also love that you went and googled it, you’re a brave woman britchy

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