The Out Patient Appointment..

It’s TBT and here’s a trip back to London and yet another of my infamous run ins with Doctors…

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Growing up under the NHS in London was great. Until it wasn’t.

Raging Despots of Doctors receptionists. Doctors with God complex’s. Nurses who idolised the piggin’ idiots and made them even more delusional if possible!

Oh and let’s not forget the ever present cup of tea. I’m quite sure they even stopped operations for surgeons to have their tea break!

It all climaxed with us, the patients being a bit of a bloody nuisance if anything. I definitely felt treated as a convenience or tool of the trade by some.

This resulted in some embarrassing situations! As I got older, there were more toe curling episodes for them as I grew into my attitude but as a young girl, well – if we’re telling embarassing stories here goes.. it’s hard to pick just one isn’t it?!

When I was 19 I had to see a specialist for “Wimmins problems” and…

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