Liebster Questions!

Kristian at Tales From The Mind Of Kristian nominated me for a Liebster! Whilst I was thrilled, I’ve chosen to just answer the questions because I know so many of you are about to head off on summer vacations. I don’t want to add the stress of tags to your fun! I love them but I know not everyone has time.

1. If you had a big party, what song would you ask them to play first? Hmm this is tough. It all depends on if it’s a party where everyone arrives at once or staggered. If it’s staggered it doesn’t really matter but I’m going with ‘Get the Party Started’ by Pink just for the hell of it

2. If you could commit a crime without getting caught and with no moral repercussions at all, what would it be? I’d stage the lottery so I won mega millions!

3. Name an author who’s work has really inspired you. I would have to say Harper Lee or Anne Frank. To Kill a Mocking Bird really shocked me when I first read it. That someone could be treated so horrifically just because of skin tone absolutely horrified me. The Diary of Anne Frank is a lesson in the very best of human spirit and happiness. That Anne could find pleasure and joy, hope and optimism even in the dark days she lived through is a testament to courage and fortitude and the very best qualities of mankind. She and Scout are the kind of people I want to be.

4. Which musical instrument would you love to know how to play? A guitar. I learned Piano at boarding school but I couldn’t span an octave ad my hands are too small. The evil old bitch of a nun who taught it used to slam the lid on my hands if I made a mistake. Understandably, I never got to any level of proficiency!

5. How many different countries have you visited? (This does not include in transit if you remained in the airport). Oooh goodness! Quite a lot! I wish US states counted too as I’ve visited 26 of them so far! Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Luxembourg, Norway, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and obviously England

6. Do you have a favourite flavour of Ice Cream? Which is it? This is another toughie! It depends on my mood! I love good vanilla, butter pecan, pistachio, black raspberry but only if it’s soft serve or coffee ice cream.

7. What was the last meal you cooked yourself? Last weekend! I’ve been away all week, I made moussaka with a lovely Greek salad and peasant bread.

8. Name an achievement that you are proud of. It’s not definite yet but I MAY be a winner of the Readers Digest Grand Prize Draw. Stay tuned.

9. Do you have a favourite Actor/Actress? Name them. Bette Midler or Goldie Hawn – I haven’t seen anything with either that I haven’t enjoyed. Sam Elliot and Colin Firth because phwoarrrr!

10. What do you think is the best thing that your answer for 9 has been in? The First Wives Club. Mask and Bridget Jones Diary respectively.

11. What would you say your most and least attractive personality traits are? Saying goodbye and saying hello!! Actually my memory would be the answer for both. People love that I remember stuff they tell me. People also hate that I remember stuff they tell me.

Today’s photo is a ceiling display at the Bellagio, Las Vegas. Thanksgiving 2017.

16 thoughts on “Liebster Questions!

  1. Always nice to ready your answers.

    I love the picture of the Bellagio. I have a very similar picture I took in 2012 when i visited Vegas. What an epic place.

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      1. They really are something. I hope I will go back one day. Can you imagine England ever having anything like Vegas, XD I can’t imagine that will ever happen!

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      2. It is a bizarre place. I think that is why I love it. It just shouldn’t exist. It is the paradise Island from Pinocchio, but in the middle of a barren desert. I suppose that should be warning enough in itself.

        I was such a crazy gal, I gambled all of 1 dollar. I lost 46 cents of it😂🤣😂🤗I just liked the pretty lights and big handles to pull🤣😂🤣🤗

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