Vroom, Vroom!!

So here I go! I’m off for a week or so to Georgia and North Carolina. I’ll be travelling through New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina to Georgia then back through Georgia, South Carolina, stopping in North Carolina to see Fartichoke then Virginia and either WV or DC to Maryland, Pennsylvania and home to New York. The DC route is shorter but not necessarily quicker depending on time of day because honestly, the beltway is always a shithole!

I’ll check in when I stop tomorrow night so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. I’m a wee bit grumpy as I’m having to take the Lincoln old-farts-mobile because I hit a pothole and fubared the exhaust on the Mini. The chug-a-boom is an automatic so not fun to drive AND I don’t know how it could possibly have happened – but SOMEBODY blew a speaker by having the music too loud. It’s a bit of a mystery and unfortunately it’s the kind of mystery ‘im indoors can solve in two minutes flat (bastard). It could be a while before he finds out though and I’ve heard cold weather might crack speakers .. mightn’t it?? *hopeful*

Anyway – If you see a short little harridan flippin’ everyone off, wave at them. It’s probably me!!

32 thoughts on “Vroom, Vroom!!

  1. Ha ha, broken speaker. Sometimes when l get into Betsy [Suze’s 4×4], when she turns the ignition, the music blows your ear drums out with Radio one and she goes “Oh my goodness, someone else has been in my car???”

    Makes me laugh every time, not because of the line she uses, but because l can’t actually hear anything for the first two minutes after the key’s been turned!

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