One Tired Britch On The Loose!!

I’ve woken up exhausted already today. I think it’s the driving over the last two days. Thankfully today I won’t be driving AT ALL!!

I have no idea what we’re doing yet but I’ll take pics!

I wish I could have taken some in the drive down because it was beautiful especially with the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains.. coming down them my ears were POPPING!! It was pretty steep, there were lots of ‘runaway truck’ areas for if brakes failed etc which was kind of daunting. I’ve driven up Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks and glassed the brakes on the way back down because of stupid drivers in front and behind me. There’s another reason I prefer stick shift right there! More control when driving!

Anyway – off to grab a coffee before I get cranky!!

12 thoughts on “One Tired Britch On The Loose!!

  1. THOSE DRIVES FOR RUNAWAY TRUCKS WERE SO SCARY TO ME THE FIRST TIME I SAW THEM. I was like “?!?!? Does this really happen this often?!?!? Should I be on this road???? Are we gunna die???”

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  2. Reading that, I immediately started singing the Olivia Newton John song about Blue Ridge Mountains, West Virginia…. Sounds like stunning countryside (not my singing).
    I’m with you all the way with manual cars, especially in this instance! I would be worrying about burning out my brakes the whole time too.
    Enjoy your stationary day!

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    1. OK, while washing my dishes just now I allowed my mind to recall more of that song, and while I’d heard Olivia initially, I now realise it was John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’. 🙄
      I’ll be singing it all day now. Luckily I’m alone 😁

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