Hi, Good Morning …and Póg Ma Thóin. No Hay Papel Higiénico Y Donde Esta La Luz?

Yup I’m gearing up to go a wandering again! Septembers jaunting takes me 300 miles or so across state to Poughkeepsie on the 21st of September in order to fly to Ireland on the 22nd to see my dad. I actually don’t arrive until the morning of the 23rd.

On the 24th we’re travelling across Ireland to Dublin to get a flight before the crack of dawn on the 25th to fly to Tenerife for a week…

Can I say numb bum yet?!

We fly back to Dublin on the 2nd and will head home to Galway the same day then I have another week of shovelling as much cake and Cidona down my neck as I can before flying back to Poughkeepsie on the 9th and finally heading home on the 10th of October.

Thank God I see the shoulder surgeon on the 5th! I don’t know how my neck will hold up with all that but I have my trusty neck roll and fingers are crossed it will help because the driving to Georgia, North Carolina and home has taught me just how much profanity I know and in how many languages!

Have you ever stopped to count how many BAD WORDS you know in other languages? If your like me, they far outweigh the good ones!

36 thoughts on “Hi, Good Morning …and Póg Ma Thóin. No Hay Papel Higiénico Y Donde Esta La Luz?

      1. Holy Smokes!
        Well, I guess you’re the travelling Ying and I’m the homebody Yang. I would really die if I had to travel that much.

        I’m happy that you enjoy it so much though. Joy is a good thing 🙂

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  1. Ah Ireland the land of the green belters! Despite my Father being Irish and something he has no wish to acknowledge, l have only been twice, once when l was 7, the other time ten years ago on business – Suze and l have a hankering to visit 🙂

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      1. Oh yes indeed Western Ireland, they are very staunch is referring to it as west. I got a lecture once for laughing at that – l will never laugh again, Ireland is made up of Northern, Southern and the West 🙂

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  2. I wish I could travel with you. You’d be a cool ‘mate’ to have fun with. I’d love to see Ireland.

    I only know one ugly word in another language…Puta. I wish I knew how to curse in someone else’s language.

    Have lots of fun.

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