Going Head To Head With Florence

My son lives in Jacksonville, North Carolina which is directly bang smack in the middle of Florence’s path… so I’m heading down to pick him up and bring him back here to NY first thing. I will check in with bulletins as opposed to proper posts but it’s going to be as immediate a turn around as possible and a case of literally not stopping driving unless I have to.

I’m quite proud of myself as I’m taking gas/petrol containers with me that I’ll fill as I get nearer in case they run out there. If I can fill up there before leaving, I’ll give them to someone else for a safety back up.

Behave beautifully and think of me because my shoulders are going to really hate me for this lol

49 thoughts on “Going Head To Head With Florence

  1. Sounds like you have a Marine?

    I am, roughly, 3 hours west of Jacksonville. We are already out of gas. I was in a fight for a hose spot this evening. I am two miles from I-85 and, roughly, 4.5 miles from I-40. Plastic bags on nozzles all over the place. Don’t even get me started on the grocery stores.

    Born & raised here, tho lived in other places. This ain’t my first rodeo but, hysterical people seem to be more prevalent than, say, 20+ years ago. Fran made Durham look like a war zone.

    Godspeed, love.

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  2. Seriously? I just looked at the predicted path yesterday and thought of you (like I do whenever anything bad comes/ happens to the East coast), but realized you’re further North (NY), so you’ll be fine. And then you go and do THIS?

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      1. Great news!! So happy to hear that you’re help, and you did what you could to help those that were unable to leave (or chose to stay). I’m sure the recipients were beyond grateful for your kindness. ❤

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