Adios Tenerife..

Sadly we’ll be heading back to Dublin and then Galway tomorrow. I’ve had a fabulous time and will be sad to leave. I’ll definitely be back. I think I’ve consumed my own weight twice over this week! I’m looking forward to getting home to NY and telling you all about it.

37 thoughts on “Adios Tenerife..

  1. I have always loved Tenerife, but I can’t stay in the resort, I like to hire a car and drive up into the mountains. I love the way the Island has two climates, dry and hot I the south, but with very little greenery and then green a lush in the North but more rain and cooler. I love to drive through the clouds and look down on the coast below. It is the only place I know of that you can stand 3000 meters high, surrounded by snow and still be able to see the sun and the sea lapping at the coast below.

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  2. Looking forward to reading more about the Canary Islands. we flew British Airways to Pisa. I was looking at their maps, and saw that Tenerife is one of the airports they fly into!

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