Dear Ex…

Esther’s weekly challenge is to write something on the subject of favourite songs, music or artists so without further ado, my playlist..

I know I once said that I’m yours… and I was – for the longest time but guess what Mr. Know-It-All? SO WHAT?!

You’ve been talking in your sleep about your new Dark Lady and now well, you don’t get to make my brown eyes blue anymore. You don’t own me and like my friends told me, Sisters are doing it for themselves and to get out now before he cheatsAGAIN. No more black eyes, blue tears for me.

So.. Here I go again on my own. It must’ve been love, but it’s over now and I just can’t fight this feeling anymore.

I’m STILL standing and I WILL survive.

You oughta know that big girls don’t cry…. They CELEBRATE!! Yeah!! How do you like me NOW?!

Girls just wanna have fun and they know stuff like what to keep and what to throw away.

Know this, We are never, Ever, EVER getting back together.

Single ladies are stronger. So Blow me one last kiss and F**k you.

I got the ring, you get the finger

48 thoughts on “Dear Ex…

    1. It took a while.
      Watching the ‘How do you like me now’ video seventy gagillion times in a row slowed my roll! I love that. I’m amazed I held back from adding ‘Standing outside the fire’ because I watch that obsessively too!

      Liked by 1 person

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