Trick or… Bitch?

Halloween is over for another year. You can always tell because BOOM! Christmas shit is everywhere. I’m already sick to the eyeballs of ‘snowy white snow and jingle bells’ Seriously, who writes this crap? That’s a whole ‘nuther post.

This may go on record as my most boring well behaved Halloween ever. It was just me and ‘im indoors at home so no pranking the kids. It’s never good to let me build up a head of steam. Christmas will be awesome!

I had a lovely evening giving out truckloads of candy again! One of the reasons I wanted this house was everyone “warned” me before I bought it that this street is heavily targeted by trick or treaters – it most certainly is!! People come from neighbouring towns with their kids. There are usually a few hundred little groovy ghoulies and ghastly vampires on the loose!

It was absolutely toe-curlingly freezing and wet and that was the only downside.

I was really impressed by how polite all the kids were and also that I didn’t have any greedy or rude kids this year. (Last year I had two horrible boys but that’s my only bad experience ever)

Hats off to local parents, your kids are a credit to you 🙂

We had one little lad of two who just obsessed over me. He kept going half way to the next house and coming back, it was very cute. His mom eventually got him away but on the way back past our house he spied us again and wanted to come over. He was being carried by his dad at this point because he was a sleepy little Spider-Man! This time he bee-lined straight past me to ‘im indoors as he had the candy trough. He selected a lollipop and came to me to give it to me! He melted both our hearts, he was a little smoothie!

There were a couple of other little girls I fell in love with. They didn’t have fancy costumes and they didn’t have many sweets in their plastic pumpkins. I heard their mum say she was sorry but mine would have to be the last house as she had to go to work. They came up the path smiling and saying “trick or treat” and took one piece of candy each. I said “it’s okay you can have some more” and they said “but then you won’t have enough for other kids.” I was so impressed. They hardly had any candy so I said “you know what, it’s my job when I’m the last house you visit I get to fill your pumpkins” – so I did. Right up to the brim and I got two hugs in return! I won’t forget them anytime soon.

I had loads of teens too and that delighted me. It’s nice to see kids bring kids. Lord knows they grow up too fast! There were parents with new babies too – making memories by taking pics to show the kids as they grow. I thought it was cute.

I really had a magical evening 🙂

Then I got on Facebook and wow. What a mood killer.

People complaining about kids from other neighborhoods, people complaining about kids in ‘crappy’ costumes. Complaining about teens and babies… I was really sad. If they grudge giving out candy why do it? Then I realised. It’s not about giving out candy – it’s about prejudice.

To me, Halloween is a time when anyone who comes to my door gets candy. Little kids, big kids, adults with developmental disabilities.. I’m an equal opportunities Halloweener!

Some it seems.. are just weiners.

Some of the complainers were NIMBYS. Not in my back yard. We don’t want your sort here. Some of those kids in black plastic sack costumes with a Walmart bag for candy were my favorites. I don’t know how much they get at other times but I’m damn sure I made their night fun. I gave them extra handfuls. Every child deserves a bit of wonder.

The teens obviously didn’t get a great reception at some houses because they were hanging back a bit so I made sure to call them up and laugh with them. If you’re young enough to want to participate, to dress up and have fun then you get candy.

The same goes for new parents. Yes the kid can’t eat candy. So what? The parents are making memories of happy times and I’m part of them. Immortalised by a fun size snickers! Damn I’m good!

Can we just think of Halloween as a time to build bridges and not burn them? If we stop judging and just enjoy people we’ll all be happier.

*Looks in goody bag* Aww shit. I got souls instead of snickers. Pfft

67 thoughts on “Trick or… Bitch?

  1. Our consumer culture cares more for the almighty dollar than our happiness. And we wonder why suicide rates skyrocket during this season….

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  2. I hate how some people say someone is too old for trick or treating! I’m sorry but if I’m 31 and take the time to make or buy a costumer and actually walk around an neighbourhood with my kidlets in the cold late-October crappy Canadian weather, then I think I’m entitled to candy!! Haha but mostly this thinking applies to teens who are still embracing the spirit of Halloween…and not my greedy butt who just wants candy and who can actually buy it in a few days when it’s 75% off at the grocery store hehe

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    1. I see it as a community building thing – if we all laugh together and an adult or two get a flipping bit of candy what’s wrong? I’m not a fan of terms and conditions. If I’m handing out candy and you come to my door, I’m giving you candy with a smile. You get two choices with everything. You can see the good or you can look for the bad. I like to build bridges with candy 😊

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  3. Amen sister! Halloween should be everything you just said.. and more. It’s a sad statement of our society that we manage to ruin it for generations of little ones. I’m glad you gave a good night to your local ghouls and goblins!

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  4. This is soooo sweet!

    We didn’t get any trick or treaters again this year. I had a pumpkin on display, but we’re in an apartment, so maybe kids don’t expect to be able to get candy here? I had a massive box just in case… Now I’m going to post it to my sister so her kids can try Canadian cadburys (they have totally different things over here!)

    Anyway, it sounds like you got into the spirit (heh…see what I did there) of it all.

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      1. Canadian cadburys is just really different. I’ve never seen any of their chocolate bars back home. They are pretty good, but SUPER sweet!

        I think cadburys is best in Ireland. I used to love golden crisps, mint crisps and tiffin bars. At least I used to…before they were bought up my craft and started adding so much shitty palm oil to their chocolate…

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  5. We went out for dinner so we could avoid the trick or treaters! They set the dog off etc., I used to participate but the last couple of years I’ve worked away on Halloween and so this year didn’t buy sweets. If we still had little neighbours I’d make sure I had some sweets in, though.

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  6. Oh, BLESS you… I agree, 100%, with every single word you wrote… For some reason, I have never been blessed to live in a neighbourhood where lots of Trick-or-treaters come by. My parents used to get HUNDREDS of kids and Dad, especially, was in his glory. For many years, my favourite part of Halloween was calling home at the end of the evening to hear all his great – and usually hilarious – stories. I never miss my Dad as much as I do on October 31st. Thank you Britchy… this is as close as I have come to that yearly talk with my Dad in a great long while…❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏

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      1. My Dad did, too. He had had throat cancer years before and used one of those devices that vibrate to replace the vibration of the vocal chords. Dad loved how comfortable kids always were to ask him about it. His all-time favourite: a little guy in a costume looked up at him in awe and asked in a hushed tone: “Are you an ALIEN?” To which my Dad gravely replied, “Yes. I. Am. An. Alien…” 😂😂😂

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  7. People just complain about everything, don’t they… We didn’t have anyone come. We live in a building with multiple flats, at the end of a cul de sac, so kids don’t find their way here. 😀

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      1. Uff, i shit you not, we have a neighbour who is probably in on this. An old lady with a 1000 yard stare, and she usually just stands outside and stares through our window. Once she had some metal claw thing in her hand and i almost shat myself when i saw her 😀

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  8. Love this!! My boys (12 and 14) went out this year. I was glad as it kept them out of trouble. Plus that means I have candy to steal from them. The Girl is 17 now and did not go out, but she had fun handing out candy. I love your attitude about Halloween! And the story about the two little girls made me tear up. How precious! I’m sure you made their night!

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    1. I don’t mind people not participating at all. I think that’s infinitely better than being of the mind I only want to give to ‘xyz socio-economic groups’. That revolts me to be honest.


  9. We used to have 100+ kids come by and I would buy shopping bags full of treats and dress up to pass out candy. One year I dressed as the Easter Bunny and passed out candy canes. LOL. The kids loved it. but when the economy crashed many people and homes moved out of our community. Every year there were less kids out and less homes passing out candy. Last years I had one neighbor girl come by and this year we had none. I miss the good old days.

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  10. You are really nice and I enjoy reading your stories because they make me feel good to know that there are kind people like you still in the world. The pictures are too funny! Thank you for your warm spirit Britchy! 🎃🤗

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  11. This is a fun post! We had very well behaved kids this year. About 50-60 kids and we went through two Costco sized candy bar as my husband insisted on giving handful to everyone who came to our door:)

    PS: I asked a few kids who said “trick or treat” for a trick, they just stared at me and said they didn’t have a trick!!! Lol! What??!

    Parents: Teach your kids a few cute tricks, nothing outrageous but if they are giving me an option i can chose one or the other right?😁😂

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  12. I feel the same way. I love seeing everyone that stops at my door for a treat. The neighbors are out setting up tables with pumpkins and bowls of candy and we all visit with one another. I love hearing how excited the parents get when we compliment their little babies dressed up in strollers, so they deserve the candy as well. Everyone is welcome as long as they are polite of course.

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  13. Facebook, huh? A good reason not to go there. I have given up.

    We have a very old church a block away. They have treats & toys. They get so much & are there past dark that we get few visitors. Even in this small town, the parents are uneasy taking their kids from street to street, esp. with reports of poisoned candy.

    Too many sick f*****s in this world.

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    1. Yes that’s so sad. I’d love to make cakes or candy to give out but I wouldn’t waste my time – I wouldn’t let my kids take home made stuff from strangers either. Honestly, I truly think the media put ideas in people’s heads. If they weren’t so irresponsible in they’re reporting maybe we wouldn’t have so many crackpots acting out with copycat crimes

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  14. I love this. Halloween isnt really a “thing” in Australia (yet) but we decorate the house, and dress up, and I get so excited when we get trick or treaters at the door! We had more kids this year than we’ve ever had, which was awesome! I loved it!

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  15. You are amazing!!! Yes yes yes!!! I love that you gave candy to everyone, no discrimination, & didn’t make anyone feel bad. That was so sweet of you to fill those girls’ bags to the brim. I totally get why that little boy was obsessed with you! ♡

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  16. When my kids were little, we went to my parents’ house on Halloween because we aren’t near other houses. When they were old enough (6 or 7), my mother let them hand out the candy after they were done outside. One time, my son answered the door. It was an older kid in a skeleton costume. He scared my son who promptly slammed the door in his face. Luckily the kid was still there when my mother opened the door

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