A Trip In The Waaay Back Machine? No Thanks!

Both Laura at All The Shoes I Wear and Jenni at Housewife Hustle have nominated me for a ‘go back and kick your fifteen year old arse’ tag. I’m not sure I can do that, I wore MUCH higher heels then, I don’t think decrepit me can kick that high!!

If I could build a time machine

And journey back to age fifteen

What could I change, who would I be?

If life had turned out differently..

Well for one, I wouldn’t have bunked off school

Being a dumbass isn’t cool

It’s fun at sixteen to be naughty

Who am I kidding?

It’s still fun over forty!

I had both the good times and the bad

Happy times and truly sad

If I hadn’t met Barstardcelot

Would I be a mother? Probably not.

And if I was, would my kids be the same?

If I’d taken the chance on my Swedish old flame?

For every up there is a down

Give up a smile, gain a frown

I’ve no regrets

I’m where I should be.

The times I’ve lived through have made me.. ME.

I’m happy in my peculiarity!

So fifteen year old Britchy

You’ll always be titchy

But high heels are your life long best friends!

You’ll have fun, you’ll have glory

Never short of a story

Your life will never be dreary

Life’s light and it’s dark

Your bites worse than your bark

But maybe – don’t shank a Copper in St James Park!

49 thoughts on “A Trip In The Waaay Back Machine? No Thanks!

  1. funny post, I left school at 15 a very very long time ago, I remember wearing high heels, can’t do that now feel like I would be walking on stilts, even 2″ is high for me so the old flats are perfect anyway, I tripped over someones foot wearing quite high wedges and twisted my ankle and have had a balloon for one ever since (hehe), I wonder what it would have been like if we all met at that age?

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  2. I would, without a doubt, break both my ankles if I tried to walk in those high heels! 🙂 Great poem! We can look back at our 15-year-old selves and try to give her wisdom, but would we have listened at 15? I wouldn’t have!

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