All you want for Christmas?! Maybe not!!

So, being the jammy git that I am, I was lucky enough to be tagged by not one but TWO fantabulous bloggers for a new game created by Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith

It’s a White Elephant Gift tag and both Rory, The Guy Called Bloke

and Kristian Of Tales From The Mind Of Kristian tagged me.

You don’t have to take up the challenge but if you do, tag three other bloggers with gifts that suit them but aren’t ENTIRELY useful! You know, kind of like those jumpers Aunty Flatulentia knits with six foot arms and no neck! Being tagged twice, I shall gift SIX bloggers but, because it’s the season of giving and I’m such a rule distorter, I’m twisting it slightly by gifting Rory, Kristian and Teresa too! Always the rebel!

So first up, my nominators and the creator of the game!

For Teresa I’m giving these bandaids for any literary owies.

For Rory and his aching shoulders I’m giving this because it’s new shoulders and two heads are always better than one!

For Kristian I thought this most appropriate. A chicken that doesn’t poop and lives forever!

For my much loved KK of Finding French Charming a reminder that somethings you can’t live down. EVER!! (The back story is under her link!) I’m still not sure a roll of Charmin wouldn’t have been even more appropriate.

For my spirit sister Laura Of All The Shoes I Wear – A shoe you can DIY with! If you can’t hammer it with the heel (and let’s face it girls, we’ve ALL used a shoe as a hammer!) you can tape it!

For Commander Caffeine at Bottomless Coffee a prescription for his daily fix!

For my enigmatic Goldie of The Daily Flabbergast a way to

post photos and retain anonymity!

For Jeanne in the Kitchen, who’s recipes will fatten us all up – what else but muffin tops of her own?!

For Lana at Welcome to Our Campfire a giant beachball for all their trips! This is doubly useful as no one will be able to move with it on board so it doubles as a safety device – a giant family airbag!

I really enjoyed this and can think of tons more ideas (which probably comes as no surprise !!) so I hope I get tagged again! Even if I haven’t tagged you, feel free to join in the fun! Please just tag me and Teresa if you do!

36 thoughts on “All you want for Christmas?! Maybe not!!

  1. Great gifts! Thanks…I’m actually left wondering if those band-aids are a real product and if they are, why in the hell have I never seen them lol.

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  2. Hahahahaha! I need that, and a I would say I need the charmin too, except that I order toilet paper in bulk because I have a fear of running out of it from childhood. It would be awesome if the polaroid snapped a picture as you pull the paper!

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