When I’m President For The Day..

I was thinking about the things I’d change if I was President for the day. Here are some of them.

365 day Presidents’ Day sales in shoe stores.

Junk emails and scams punishable by castration or beheading. In many cases it’s the same thing.

Same goes for unsolicited telesales calls and people selling our data. Terminate the lot of them.

Mark Zuckerberg is getting conversion therapy into a human being

The Kardashians are getting clothes.

I’d outlaw cottage cheese. It’s nasty.

Hollywood is getting an IQ test

Pedophiles won’t get prison sentencing. They’ll get 20 minutes in a room of mothers and fathers. Not that I think 20 minutes would be needed to carry out justice.

Education – no tenure for any teachers or professors. Tenure breeds complacency. Our kids deserve more. Education reform will include how to cook, run a bank account, basic home and car maintenance jobs etc. This isn’t instead of traditional subjects but in addition to them. Free proper lunch at school for every kid. No more pig swill crap for kids while school taxes aren’t utilized properly.

Professional sports players will be paid the same as soldiers are now. Soldiers will be paid like professional sports players are now.

One way tickets OUT for people ashamed of this country. If you can only badmouth our country – fuck off to wherever you consider Paradise. Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on your way either!

Politicians will have the same healthcare as the rest of us and there will be term limits for everyone in ANY public office. Absolute transparency for everyone running for office with no ‘hiding’ of records allowed.

Gangs. Round the little fuckers up and deport them.

Revoke all laws but the constitution and actually enforce that. That’s more than enough law for anyone.

Media – oh don’t get me started! Fake news reporters and journalists who twist people’s words to their own purpose are getting tarred and feathered and run out of town.

Federal shutdowns. All politicians have to stay in Washington for the duration. They’re the only ones who don’t get paid. Other government workers carry on as normal.

Good job it’s only for one day huh?!

82 thoughts on “When I’m President For The Day..

  1. Nice. Now you’re talking like The Prime Dictator. I totally agree with the one about sports players. When I watched sports as a kid, the players were much tougher.

    But leave my cottage cheese alone!

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    1. When I see the *insert expletive of choice* stuff others have got people to accept, that’s no biggie! Then again, we don’t need cottage cheese runners like the gin wars in the days of prohibition and gangs making money on it so I guess I’ll re think that one

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  2. I wrote a short story on my blog “Racheal’s Novels” and you were one of the characters. I apologise in advance if I’ve offended you by doing that. I didn’t mean to. It’s just that today “Racheal’s Novels” turns a year old, so I wrote a story in celebration of it, and thought I would have some bloggers as characters alongside myself. Hope you don’t mind, and I pingbacked your post. Here’s the link to the article if you want to read it:

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