Just a quickie..

So I’ve had three big days in a row and time has escaped me. Monday I had a training day at work (almost total twatwaffle but hey, it was a day out of the office!) It was kind of interesting though so there’s a post coming out of that.

Tuesday I had my Notary Public exam. Yup, I’m hoping to be a Notary Public here in New York! It’s another thing to cross off in my list of things only Citizens can do! Definitely a post, maybe even two if I pass!

Then yesterday was a biggie! I got my new GINORMOUS sclera contacts! That was an … let’s call it an experience and leave it at that until I can write more! I’m working today and shopping tonight after work as I’m heading to Poughkeepsie for the holiday weekend straight after work on Friday. It’ll be interesting to see how/if these lenses improve my night vision.

Anyway! That’s where I’ve been!

27 thoughts on “Just a quickie..

  1. I remember when I tried semi-rigid contacts for my astigmatism. Eye poking good fun…NOT! I hope your experience was/is less painful.
    Oooo…Notary Public👍 you get your own stamp with that, don’t you?! 👏👏💌

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      1. It’s someone who can notarize signatures on official documents or depositions. Think mortgage paperwork as an example. There’s lots of things you can do and an awful lot you can’t too so there’s a fair old bit of notary law to learn

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  2. Well done on the use of ‘twatwaffle’, it’s an under-appreciated word.
    Fingers crossed for the exam!! When will you know the results?
    I hope the lenses help. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend in Poughkeepsie! xx

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