How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’m down in Poughkeepsie and we’re working on the garden so we can sell this house and move on to the next step of our lives. It’s a lovely house, it’s in a fantastic neighbourhood surrounded by trees and were being serenaded by a thousand birds. Scarlet Cardinals are swooping past hoping to snag a juicy worm or bug and there’s an inquisitive little chipmunk sitting close by ‘supervising’

There’s a couple of butterflies twirling too and if it wasn’t for the big ol’ spiders web it would’ve heaven (You know that web means a monstrous beastie is lurking)

Well, that and ‘im indoors airily telling me to watch out for poison ivy when I’m knee deep in shrubbery wearing flip flops and rolled up jeans. Honestly what a plonker! If I’m whining like a banshee later he only has himself to blame!

The birds and the butterflies, my friendly chipmunk and even the bastardly spider threat got me thinking though.

Have you ever stopped to consider the others who tread a path through your garden of life?

There are those who, like butterflies, flit in and out of our lives with nary a trace. They bring joy while they’re with us but like rainbows, they’re mostly just there as a reminder that life is beautiful and fun and good things happen when we let them. From them we learn that spontaneity and allowing things to just flow is good.

Then there are the Earthworms. These are the people in your life who work behind the scenes mostly. The ones you forget about or take for granted but who work always to make the world a better place for you to plant your roots.

Birds and Chipmunks are there for the good times. They fly south and hibernate through the darker stretches but that’s okay. There are other wonders to fill your days whilst you look forward to their return. They might not be your inner circle but they enrich your life all the same.

No matter how good a gardener you are, there are always weeds and bugs. These are the things you roll your eyes and grind your teeth over. You wish they weren’t there because they’re a blight.

They’re the reminder that life isn’t perfect. We’re all a rose garden with dandelions! Learn to appreciate the weeds too. Many valuable medicines have been made from weeds. Bugs help pollinate our gardens. Just because you don’t always see it, doesn’t mean you can’t find benefit in the weeds in your life.

Always look for the good. You’ll find you’re a lot happier.

Your garden can’t grown without both sunshine and rain. You don’t appreciate the glory of Summer without the bleakness of Winter preceding it. You can’t have the delights of Spring and seeing everything come back to life without that last defiant burst of fiery colour in Fall.

Keep the innocence and enchantment of Spring in your heart until it’s time to leave in a blaze of glory no one can forget, just like Fall.

Making your garden a delight is easy. Always wear big boots, carry a shovel and a smile. If one can’t help you dig your way out of trouble the others will.

Find the joy in flowers and raindrops, remember that one mans weed is another’s rose and always thank the earthworms.

32 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

    1. Wanted! Spider living freak to buy our house! Be warned, frequent visits into the deck by deer !
      Cardinal alarm clock will tap on windows at dawn if the feeder is empty, likewise birdseed eating chipmunk!

      I think it’ll sell don’t you?!


  1. What fun!!! I love gardens, they are an entire soap opera in a few feet of ground. Life, death, sex of all kinds and genders, and a lot of growth in fancy dress as well as grunge.
    I am a worm rescuer. If I find them traveling across rock or in a puddle, I need to move them to grass or soil. It also fascinates me how a butterfly crawls its gross multi legged self into a sleeping bag where it turns to goo and then becomes a winged beauty.

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