The Britchy Bill Of Rights

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.

……And that my friends is right where it stops.

Since when do we all deserve the same? If you sit on your fat ass all day why do you deserve the same as someone who slogs their guts out? There are people who genuinely need help and I’m delighted to do so and support them with pleasure however, there are also a lot of lazy nitwits milking the system.

Where do some people get off on this entitled crap?

Here’s some of what you’re entitled to:

The right to make your own way.

The right to support yourself and your family.

The right to make yourself a happy life.

The right to make your own choices.

Here’s some of what you’re NOT entitled to:

The right to expect the world to support you when you’re capable of supporting yourself.

The right to blame others for your laziness or mistakes.

The right to abuse others verbally and call it ‘free speech’

I’m fed up to the eyeballs of entitlement. If you want something, work for it.

If you breed it, feed it.

Your right to happiness begins with you.

26 thoughts on “The Britchy Bill Of Rights

  1. I wish more people would realize that “Free Speech” isn’t all about unicorns pissing rainbows in fairyland. It has a darker side and you have to accept that if you truly believe in Free Speech. Because otherwise one simply believes in “What I deem Acceptable Speech” 😉

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  2. I love your manifesto, Britchy! I just finished listening to We Are the Nerds: The Birth and Tumultuous Life of Reddit, the Internet’s Culture Laboratory, which deals significantly with the free speech debate raging on the Internet and the role that it, and Reddit, played in bringing us both this absurd cultural moment we’re in and our outlandish, oafish president.

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  3. Your blog, YOUR ‘rules’. You inadvertently touched a bit of a sore point with me. I often get that “well why don’t you get off your fat ass and get a job?!” or “You COULD work if you wanted to.” I get attitude and entitled assholes (not you dear, others who have taken ‘asshole’ as a personal mission) from folks who don’t know me and don’t bother to find out before judging. I did work. Most of my adult life and before (I started working at 11 years of age doing baby sitting for neighbors and my siblings). I quit working when I was 51 years of age due to being forced (my opinion) to stay home and care for a terminally ill spouse. His illness exacerbated mine and I sought disability when I was 52. I would say and do, and loudly too; that FORTY years working and at least 35 of those paying taxes and into social security ‘entitles’ me to get the benefits I do. Am I part of the problem? Maybe. But by damn I’m not a lazy fat ass who never tried at all. This is the reason I support and wish they’d enact into law the ‘compassionate’ death clause for folks who’ve outlived their usefulness and are unable to contribute any longer and more importantly those who are terminally ill. THOSE people (I’m not one) deserve dignity and a time of dying that honors their wishes and doesn’t bankrupt their families. The U.S. of A is a broken nation in many ways, not the least of which is the horrible insurance and health care status of it right now. It’s infuriating.

    Again, this ranting isn’t directed at YOU, it’s merely one of my myriad of hot buttons. It got pushed and volcanic spew ensued. Sorry.

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    1. I’m not sorry you posted at all! I like hearing the other side of the coin and I don’t think your story ties in with people ‘milking’ the system at all. There are families where five generations and more have been on welfare. They’ve never worked and don’t consider that they should. That’s wrong.
      When I lived in England I had a neighbour who was permanently doped up. Every time the DHSS made noises about her getting a job she’d get pregnant. She was 43 with 5 kids when I left England and she has never had a job… well not unless you count collecting ASBO’s (anti-social behaviour orders) If ever there was an abuse of the system it’s right there.
      My problem with welfare is particularly the fact that I have to be drug tested to work, welfare recipients in all but three states don’t. That’s unacceptable to me.

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  4. “If you breed it, feed it.” Brilliant. There is so much in this I loved. I get so tired of kids who grow up to deserve because they are alive. Everyone is NOT the same and nothing will make them the same. Some kids have parents who can provide everything and some have parents who can eke out a dinner with a box of mac and cheese and some bread. They are not better or worse, they are growing up with different circumstances and when they finally are grown, they can make their own choices. Yup, I agree!

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    1. I absolutely believe we should help families on lower incomes. There’s a big difference between helping and supporting though. If you give people everything (physical) you take away even more. You take away their pride and self worth.

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  5. You’re right! However people will always do what they can get away with. Pride in ones work is dying out. I work with kids and it’s insane the things I hear from them and their parents/grandparents now Versus when I first started almost 20 years ago. Times have changed.

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    1. I think times have changed because we’ve stopped being respectful. How can kids learn it if we don’t teach it? Bring back the pledge in schools, teach AND SHOW respect and you can expect it back. The answers are in our own hands

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  6. ha ha! BTW, I’ve just been telling my Dad about some of your stories, and he can’t stop laughing. Says you’re quite a character and that he really appreciates your tales. He also says to tell you that you should write a book about your stories. I think it would be quite a hit!

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