Scumbag of the Year? Probably.

I’m so flippin’ cross. I’ve just made something that’s made my blood boil.

I hate cruelty and I despise bullies. People who are homeless probably think they’ve hit rock bottom but they’re wrong. There’s a gutter far beneath where the human filth who prey on the homeless reside. These are usually people who are far more fortunate than they deserve and this is the story of one such piece of human waste.

Kanguhua Ren is a Chinese man living in Barcelona Spain. Apparently he’s a YouTube ‘star’ who goes by the name ‘Re Set’..

Well now he’s a black hole.

This gobshite thought it would be funny to give a homeless man an Oreo filled with toothpaste.

Stop and imagine this for a minute. A guy living on the street, hungry, given food by someone he perceived as kind. He sees food and is probably salivating at something taking the edge off hunger pangs so he bites into it eagerly only to find it’s filled with toothpaste and he’s being filmed for a malicious prank.

Which do you think hurt more? Being sickened by a mouthful of toothpaste and cookie crumbs which would taste foul… or being brought so low as to be laughed at as worthless other than as the butt of a joke?

I’m in tears writing this. What a hateful, wicked thing to do. Just to impress his 1.2 million followers. If anyone things doing that to someone vulnerable and hungry is funny, I don’t want to know them.

He’s been fined and banned from social media for five years but obviously shows no remorse since his parting words were:

“But look at the positive side; this will help him clean his teeth,” he said. “I think he hasn’t cleaned them since he became poor.”

63 thoughts on “Scumbag of the Year? Probably.

  1. Man, that shows a complete lack of sympathy and empathy. There are days I really struggle with the very idea of Hell. But then I see things like this and I suddenly realize, Hell is the final justice, as unpleasant as that may sound.

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  2. Im not even going to give him the satisfaction of looking him up. I hope all his followers forget who he is and his fame vanishes. Then he will know what it feels like to be nothing. To feel unloved!

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  3. The fact that he is oblivious to his disgusting behavior is WAY too close to serial killer characteristics. Most, before they torture and kill people, torture and kill animals. No conscience. I guarantee he’s got sick parents. To be that bereft of any semblance of kindness…? Not only does he need his ass handed to him, his parents need it, too.

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  4. He is disgusting and scum and makes my blood boil. As I don’t watch You Tube, I have not heard of this piece of shit, (sorry for language, as I don’t usually swear on someone else’s blog.) I hope people recognise his face and God help him if he’s homeless and offered food, cos would he hesitate to take it, knowing what he did.

    When I was at Windsor recently for the day, I walked past a homeless man. I could tell from observation he was genuinely homeless and I could see he was very tired.
    I went in a shop nearby and went back to him with it. Issue before giving him the cola and a mars bar, that I hope he did not mind and was ok with what I offered. It was a hot day, so the cola I bought was straight out the fridge. He was very grateful, but I think taken aback.

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    1. That’s so sad that he was shocked by your generosity and kindness. We can’t always do more but we can always at least be kind. I hope you tube gets some backlash from this too as they should police their site more carefully

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      1. Yes, You Tube should police their site better for allowing sites like this to stay on.

        That homeless man on the street looked very tired and weathered by the streets. It’s first time I have approached a homeless person with something, because in my own area I see many begging that I don’t think are homeless. But he genuinely was I think, in that area I was in for the day. He really did look tired.


  5. I don’t know which is worse — the fact that he did it or the fact that he justified doing it. Some people forget that no condition is permanent in life. Life has a very funny way of turning things around. I won’t be surprised if this YouTuber finds himself in the man’s situation later in future. When that happens, everyone who knows what he did to this poor old man will most likely treat him in the same manner, with scorn and ridicule.

    (sigh) The things people do for fame. I feel so bad for the victim of the story.

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  6. Social media fame is fueling everyone’s darker angels. That plus all the disgusting behavior of many of our “leaders”, means everything is excused.
    Thank you for posting this! We ALL need to shine a light on the things that are just wrong, whenever we encounter them!

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  7. This is so sad and horrible. How in the world could someone like this get anyone to follow him. I worry about some of the younger generation out there. It is like no one is teaching them empathy. I guess when you allow electrical devices like computers, televisions, cell phones and Ipads raise and teach your children…this is what happens. My daughter showed me something the other month that made me laugh, it was a mother’s Day greeting. It said Happy Mother’s Day to all those Ipads out there. Thank goodness not all kids are like this guy. I try to focus on the good ones and encourage the others when ever I come across tiny children in my family. The future generations just need some good mentors to turn this ugliness around.

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  8. Horrible waste of skin and time. I refuse to add to this cretin’s ‘popularity’ by going to ‘see for myself’. Because ‘hits’ are the currency such drek live and die for. Something that occurs to me is that the POS get the same treatment aimed AT him in the future. Because I believe in karma and I know (first hand) what goes around, comes around. P.O.S. boy is lucky perhaps. That homeless person could have been one of the millions of mentally ill who fall in the category and the homeless man might have cleaned more than his teeth, he might have cleaned the clock of his tormentor. Of course that would have visited even more misfortune on the poor beggar and more grist to the mill of that thing that calls itself a ‘human being.’ Sadly this sort of thing is becoming common place as this ol’ world gets more and more nasty. I wonder if that asshat ever thought of the words “If ye do it unto the least of these…” but I doubt it. It wouldn’t gain said asshat anything..

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      1. I was thinking that at the end of ‘Winter Kill’ you join me, bottomlesscoffee007, and jmshistorycorner as, well for lack of better term, space heroes group. What superheroeish heroic title would you give yourself? My ideas are funny, but kinda…inappropiate for kids.

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  9. The sad shape of our world. Karma’s great but not quick enough. Banning, fining so what? Seriously so what? Is that the best punishment he could receive?

    He should be done for human cruelty. Face the consequences of his actions like an adult,

    Perhaps the caring side of society will speed karma up a bit.

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