Quick update

My daughter had to have emergency back surgery so I’m down in Georgia looking after her and Thumper. I didn’t bring my laptop and time is very tight but I’ll be back to normal next week!

37 thoughts on “Quick update

    1. I had that conversation with a work friend. She said I’d had a rotten year so far and I asked why. When she added up everything that’s gone wrong I was stunned! (Partly because it felt a little stalky!) I tend to ignore the shittery as much as possible because it interferes with giving people conniptions!!

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  1. I’m glad you’re there with her – don’t worry about the blog, we’ll all still be here whenever you’re back and have time. How’s your daughter doing? I hope she’s okay, sending love & best wishes for a smooth recovery  ♥

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  2. I am working on ‘Winter Kill Chapter Eleven’ and need some advice. In that chapter, there will be a car chase and you will be driving 🙂
    Some of us express our surprise at how well you drive during a car chase and there are two quips I have thought of that you can make and am wondering which one you like best?
    Quip #1: YOU: Don’t worry. I’ve had plenty of experience.
    US: Really?
    YOU: Me and the police go way back.
    Quip #2: YOU: Don’t worry. I know how this is done – I’ve watched plenty of movies.
    Which one do you want?

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    1. I couldn’t put the car chase as I planned. in that particular chapter as it was getting too long. I’m really sorry. I’ll make sure to put it in the next few chapters, but I realized as I was writing out ‘Winter Kill Chapter 11’ that the stuff that had to lead to it would take too long for chapter eleven, but it WILL happen in the next few chapters.
      I’ve posted chapter 11. Here’s the link:

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