Prostitution!! But who’s paying??

I’m back from Georgia and whilst I don’t like Georgia very much, I’m not happy to be back in NY either. My BS tolerance meter is at an all time low and frankly, NY really IS the bullshit state.

Are you reading for one of my rants?! Tough! You’re going to get one!

We’re going with Prostitution today. Prostitution is defined as the selling of yourself for financial gain. It’s referred to by many as the worlds oldest profession. Many joke that politics is the second oldest profession, I’m not so sure they aren’t twins.

There’s been a lot of media coverage about Harvey Weinstein. Stories about how he demanded sex in return for movie roles. I would like to state that I am in no way defending him. I think he’s a morally and physically repugnant creature who no one would touch with a barge pole if it wasn’t for his money and influence. If he was a janitor he couldn’t get a girlfriend at all.

And that there is the crux of it.

The women who slept with him did so because they wanted something in return. He knowingly used his power to get sexual favors by putting parts (in more ways than one!) on the table. They chose to sleep with him in exchange for something they wanted. That doesn’t make him less repugnant and it doesn’t excuse him from coercion but they made a choice. They chose a career move. There was an unwritten contract and it included and affected two people. Them and him. It didn’t affect my life or your life. That doesn’t make it right but that’s a different conversation. There’s also the conversation about how many people knew and said nothing.

Then we have politicians. And lobbyists. Also cash for favors and bloody big sums of it! Literal crimes have been committed against the whole country because some greedy company has stuffed money in the pocket of an even greedier politician. We have polluted water, poisoned ground, carcinogenic food substances banned in other countries and the list goes on.. crimes committed against all of us whilst a politician lines his pockets. Others are getting the cash but we’re the ones getting fucked.

So where are the news articles about lobbyists and politicians? Where is the outrage over all the things being forced on the entire country?

Where’s our choice in that?

An actress can choose whether she gets a part on her back or not – what do the people of Flint, Michigan get to choose?

Where’s the MeToo movement for us? Why do we even need one when we voted for these people to represent US?

Change is needed – and we need to start with ourselves and what we are prepared to live with.

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

59 thoughts on “Prostitution!! But who’s paying??

  1. I’ve said it several times and I’ll say it again, if it seems these people are trying to destroy the country, it’s because they are.

    And who will help us? Only God. We have nobody else in our corner. Anything # is a money making pyramid scheme. We’ve allowed the enemy to get too powerful to us. Voting? Laughable. They’ll appoint who they want regardless of our vote. Then they point the finger at those who voted for whoever to turn us against each other.

    In the end, while we’re fighting for our personal survival, trump, Clinton, Obama and all the rest will be having a steak dinner watching us fight laughing hysterically..
    “Gah what a bunch of fools”

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    1. We’re doing good! A lot of extra worry as things went wrong but thankfully everything has settled down now. She got a pulmonary embolism five days after surgery – well that’s what we found out when we went to the ER. I wanted her to go, she wanted to go, her worthless turd of a partner was more concerned about the copay. He didn’t even have the grace to apologise when they told us if we hadn’t gone in (I paid the copay) that she would have gone to bed that night and not woken up again. It was scary but she’s on blood thinners now and frequent checks so all should be well

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  2. Welcome back! And what a comeback!👏🙌💪 Its all about the money! We’re all definitely getting screwed! Before long we’ll all have corporate logos tattooed on our foreheads. The Kardashians will make it a “fashion statement” and the Sheeple will follow along. I still vote but I’m losing more confidence every year that my vote means anything, or is even *counted*.
    Missed you!💌

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  3. Yes!! I agree!! It’s a shame that those of us who are outraged & getting fucked are the ones without huge wallets & power!! You’re right, something needs to change, and we all need to stand together.

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  4. Ah Britchy, a lady after my own pseudo intellectual heart. You said it girl, and quite nicely as well. We get wrapped around the axle whenever its someone else. We continue to fall time and time again for the same shtick, we allow ourselves to be fooled, as our hubris grows, we convince ourselves that we are evolved that we have learned from our past mistakes.

    People have asked me if I want anarchy. They have called me anarchist. Yet, maybe I am wrong, but I feel as if there is more anarchy in our own country and around the world with the creation of more and more laws. Maybe I am an anarchist, who knows, but I do know that our laws do nothing in our favor and zero to protect us.

    Laws never fix anything, they simply pass the problem along.

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    1. We need less laws not more. There’s too many knee-jerk laws and its to the point of you can break a law without even knowing it! I’m in favor of following the constitution. If it wasn’t for shitty lawyers trying to twist everything we wouldn’t need anything more

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      1. But law isn’t about justice, for heaven’s sake. It’s merely a money peddling industry where he with the fattest wallet wins. Lawyers thrive on long drawn out battles. They just hear the ‘kaching’ and NEVER see the victim.

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  5. We need more rants like this. Until people get off their complacent butts and start demanding proper representation (or better yet, run for office) we will not see any improvement in our corrupt government.

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  6. Well said…

    It used to be that, if you wanted to change something, you rolled up your sleeves and joined the fight. Now? I wouldn’t be caught dead in the DC swamp. The first thing that happens to you when you enter politics is you remove your soul.

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  7. I thought l saw your icon back Britchy – hope everything is well family wise, although l read in one of your comments that it wasn’t plain sailing. Hope you are well though in yourself. Back with a vengeance l see. Well you know what the Uk is like as an ex pat – need l say more? No 🙂

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      1. I am sure it is, judging by your last message in June, you hadn’t expected to be gone for nearly a month 🙂

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      2. No I didn’t! I was expecting to be there a couple of weeks. Then I realized I’d forgotten my laptop cords and my tablet and then my flipping phone died! That was a doubled edged sword I can tell you!
        My daughter ended up back in hospital with a pulmonary embolism so my trip got extended. It was a tough few weeks

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      3. I can imagine, that it must have been tough. However you seemed thankfully to have survived, you are back and that means that your daughter is much better and well on the road to recovery, that will also be stress off your plate and now you are back to the wonderful world of madness in both blogosphere and l am guessing your job and of course him at home 🙂

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      4. Yup! Our house is on the market now so we’ve made the decision today that I’m giving a months notice this coming week so I have time to start packing this house ready for a move. If it doesn’t sell quickly I can always just temp until it does. I can’t say I’m in the least bit sorry although I will miss my colleagues

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      5. Aha North Carolina, do they have the same sing song accent in the north as they do in the south – have always loved that accent. Yes well if you can be closer to the kids that’s always a bonus.

        Suze returns to UK on Monday after 17 days – although she leaves Oz tomorrow and has the gruelling flight to England. I paid for business class for the flights from Adelaide to Dubai and then Dubai to England, so at least she can travel back in some relaxing style. 24 hours in planes is nay funny at all – so if she could be closer to her own grandkids she would jump at the opportunity. Sadly however, she doesn’t have much knowledge of Oz currently, so we will probably have a fairly long vacation there next year so she can decide if she wants to live in Oz or stay here.

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      6. Yes very much so. She went out normal class, and l know how much it knackered her so decided to not let her fly back that way this time 🙂

        She is cutting it too fine, she gets back Monday afternoon and is back at work on Tuesday normal class and she would be dead the next day. She will still be tired, but the return journey is always harder as you are travelling back against the time.

        Anyway, glad you are back and hopefully now your own health is better. I have a welcome back surprise planned for you tomorrow morning – but for now, l am 90 minutes past my own retire for the night, so l’ll catch you on the flipside – enjoy the rest of your evening 🙂

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  8. First, I love you! Your “rants” are always well stated. Plus thank you for bringing up Flint. I’m in Grand Rapids, but the issue with water in Flint is still real, scary, and has been a problem for years now. Where is the movement for those people having suffered from it and continue to have to? Not enough light has been shed on that very serious matter.

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  9. I have been tossing around the idea in my mind about publishing the Azren Chronicles stories in Volumes, where each volume as multiple stories in it. They’re the stories where me, J-M, you, Coffee, Racquel, and such appear. I would change all your names, if you agreed. Would you like them to be published or would you prefer they simply remained on my blog?


  10. Brilliant, Britchy! This needed to be said and I’m so proud of you for saying it.
    I’m also sooo worried about you, for you. I miss you, dear friend. I’d love to just know that you are ok, doing well, on to new things….but I do miss the smiles, full on laughter and sunniest parts of my days that were always you.
    I’m just putting my email here so you can always touch base with me if you like. Be well, friend. I miss you so.


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