Mamma Mia 2. The Obituary.

If the title wasn’t enough, this contains huge spoilers so be warned!

While I was in Georgia with my daughter I FINALLY watched Mamma Mia 2. That came out while she was pregnant and we didn’t have the opportunity to go together. We had both enjoyed the first Mamma Mia so much together we couldn’t wait to see the second film. It wouldn’t have been right to see it without her so I waited. I’m going to be honest, I wish I was still waiting.

It was allegedly a combination of a trip in the way back machine to when Donna and the Dynamos were younger and Donna got pregnant with Sophie and the present day where Sophie is preparing for the grand opening of the hotel as Donna’s popped her clogs.

The story has more holes and inconsistencies than a party political broadcast.

The ones I found most annoying were Sophie and Skye left to travel the world at the end of the first film. Now she’s trying to get the Greek hotel off the ground while he’s learning hotel management in NYC. This leaves the door open for Antonio Banderas to be ‘the hotel manager’. If he’s the manager why is Sophie panicking so much and why isn’t Skye there. It’s very weak.

The three dads and the Dynamos come back but not Sophie’s best friends?? Makes no sense.

Allegedly Rosie (Julie Walters) was in love with Bill the Swedish dude way back in the day but in the first film, they’d never met before.

Cher turns up invited/uninvited. Her invite was sent by mistake and lo and behold… Antonio Banderas and her have a history. None of that is explained though which is very irritating.

The whole thing feels like a rainy day project where the drama teacher said okay class. You’ve got ten minutes to write a script sequel to your favourite film and put it into production.

It’s a flop. If it made money it’s only because it cruised on the coat tails of the first movie.

I wish I hadn’t seen it.

I’m annoyed. I’m disappointed. I’m upset.

Most of all I feel betrayed.

I feel betrayed by the producers because they thought this travesty was good enough.

I feel betrayed as an ABBA fan because they put great songs to pathetic scenes.

I feel betrayed as a woman because they made us seem like mindless simpering ninnies who don’t deserve a better script.

I feel betrayed as a Cher fan.

How dare you tell a woman who has made a plastic travesty of herself that she looks amazing. Yes all you chat show hosts im looking at you. Cher was amazing. She was one of the greatest female performers ever. She’s also in her seventies and can’t move her damn face it’s so full of fillers. Her voice is affected by her inability to move her face. She could barely manage to bend never mind dance in that song scene. It was pathetic and sad and I felt embarrassed for her. Everyone who’s telling her otherwise needs a good slap because they’re lying sycophants.

When we got to the end I felt like crying. Not because it was over but because it wasn’t over sooner. I think some of the actors did a great job but you can’t make a masterpiece out of margarine and that’s what this was. Plastic contrived shit that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

51 thoughts on “Mamma Mia 2. The Obituary.

  1. I’ve had it in the back of mind to watch this because I loved, LOVED the first one. Thank you for your sacrifice on my behalf. 😉 I rarely have time to watch a movie and I’m grateful for your review so I dont waste time.

    Yeah, Cher kinda lost me when she was straddling the guns on the ship. Now she’s just sad.

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  2. This popped up for me to watch the other day and I didn’t click on, so glad I didn’t after reading this hilarious review of yours. Although I just might watch it to see Cher trying to move her lips after whatever they did to her face while singing ABBA songs. I love ABBA.

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    1. I love ABBA and Cher and the first Mamma Mia was so good I was really hyped up for this. I wanted to like it so much. I kept hoping it would get better but it was just… sloppy. I’m mostly annoyed because it could have been phenomenal if they’d just put a bit more effort in to what was truly a lacklustre storyline.


  3. WHOA! IS IT THAT BAD? DAMN! I haven’t watched it yet but now I am not so sure I am going to! Your review was pretty convincing! AND DAMN THAT NAME! AND THE WHOLE PRETTY PINK VIBE! God, I AM A SUCKER FOR PRETTY BLOGS and so you can expect me to read the fuck out of your posts! ❤ ❤ 😉

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  4. I’m not a fan of musicals, but I saw the first one. Probably because I like Abba, and partially because someone dragged me with them. Honestly, I don’t even remember the plot. The songs were all I was focusing on.

    When the second part came out, I didn’t even consider it. I’ve heard too many opinions like yours on this. Wow. Too bad for Cher, though.

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  5. Wholeheartedly agree! Only it was a bored looking Andy Garcia, who got tied to the Cher Barbie character.
    I’m like you, loved the first one and couldn’t wait to see all my favourite characters again, Meryl, Colin, Julie…. I was left confused (at the lack of storyline) and disappointed. It felt like every actor wanted to be a part of what had been a raging success the first time so they wrote them in. The whole Cher thing was completely cringe-worthy.
    I was mortified to see she had quickly launched a CD of ABBA covers ….yeah – NAH.

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      1. The one that made me feel ill was the one where Potter inflates his Aunt, that scary bald stooped guy who took Potter to his room after he went to the Hogwarts school, where Hermione and Ron argue over which is better – cats or rats – and where there’s that live monster book. Oh, and the shrunken head on that odd bus.

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      2. How does that stop it being weird? (And, Britchy, if you’re reading this and love Harry Potter – which I’ve been strongly suspecting that you do – I’m just trying to aggravate you).

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      3. Never read the books, but after seeing some of the films, I’m not sure that I want to read them. And I’ve finally seen the first Mamma Mia! movie and LOVE it! Couldn’t stop laughing.

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      4. Same here – I love every minute of Mamma Mia! Haven’t seen the second one, but read about it on Wikipedia last night and decided that it wasn’t worth checking out.

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  6. I haven’t seen it …yet. The movie still sits on my shelf wrapped in (uhh) plastic. But the wife and I love Abba so we bought a copy.
    Still, not gonna lie, we are not so sure we will see this one.

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    1. I was longing to see it. I love ABBA too and most of the actors involved so I thought it was a sure fire hit for me.
      Guessing I should stay away from shooting ranges and archery competitions if that’s my idea of sure fire lol

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