Apples and …Ketchup?!

In the Bible, Satan aka the serpent, tempted Eve into sin with an apple. It’s. I’ve to know some things never change huh?!

Apples led me astray today as well. It wasn’t a very long walk admittedly. Truth be told, I have frequent flyer miles in sinning..

Moving swiftly on!

I was in Wegmans and there was a woman beside me with a very highly strung kid. Most people would call him an obnoxious little shit but I think I’ve been bad enough today without adding name calling to my list of wrong doings. She was offering an apple and he was screaming and kicking that he wanted fries and ketchup. I ignored them because I know them through work. This is also how I know this isn’t an autistic child.

It gave me an idea though! I bought a bag of apples and some caramel dip. When I came home I put some of the caramel in a dish and added a prodigious amount of red colouring. I sliced an apple and went to sit on the sofa.

‘im indoors glanced over and asked what I had so I said an apple – and proceeded to dip it liberally in the scarlet caramel.

He looked aghast at me and said ‘Is that ketchup?!’

I replied ‘it’s yummy!!’ I didn’t exactly answer his question but that’s his fault for not being wise to me by now.

He was utterly horrified! When I dipped the second bit of apple he started heaving and left the room! He was absolutely disgusted asking is this a Brit thing like vinegar on french fries?! For the record, it’s Chips when I make them and they float in malt vinegar soup!

So the moral if this story is, if you want some peace and quiet to indulge in a naughty treat, all you have to do is make it look grotesque!

68 thoughts on “Apples and …Ketchup?!

  1. HAHA oh goodness that’s cruel!

    Although you can tell him that french fries and vinegar is a Canadian thing too. Maybe not a soup of it haha and most people just like white vinegar, but I don’t mind a splash of malt every so often.

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    1. Malt vinegar is a Brit thing. Using ‘onion vinegar’ – the vinegar left in a jar of onions is a big South London thing too. I never saw it my side of the Thames but every time I visited friends on the other side I’d have it!

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      1. I like the taste of malt vinegar! It’s popular here and you can find it in many fish and chip places in Canada 🙂 But you usually have to ask for it, unless it’s a British place then they will have it out. No one else in my family likes it though – heathens.

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      2. So, THAT’S why there is a bottle of malt vinegar at my fave Irish restaurant. You don’t find it anywhere else.

        I tried it. Yuck. Gimme my ketchup.

        I eat apples with peanut butter. But, bloody apples is apropos for a Brit! LOL!

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      1. Mine too!! It’s funny… as man decades as my family has been here in the states (since 1500’s) we still in many ways seem fresh off the boat…

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  2. Don’t let John fool you, Britchy… being ornery is the American way!! Lol. I love this, I might have to try this!! I had a friend who ate vanilla pudding out of a mayonnaise jar, just to freak people out! It was great!! And best of all, we were left alone!! Bahahaha!!!

    I’m not British, but I do love malt vinegar on french fries!!

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  3. Vinegar on chips is a stable of chips trucks everywhere in Canada, malt and just the regular stuff. I’m not sure why this isn’t more well known in the US? We even have salt and vinegar flavored potato chips/crisps in a bag.

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  4. I’ve never actually tried that, but I have done some pretty “weird” (I prefer the term interesting) things with food before, so I am so glad that I’m not the only whacko when it comes to food experimentation – and I mean whacko in a nice way, don’t worry!
    When I was a little girl, I once tried to put tomato sauce on cereal.
    Hey, you should try grilling butter, vegemite, and cheese together on toast. And you should also try grilling tomato sauce and cheese on toast as well as tomato sauce, cheese, and avocado. They’re divine!

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  5. Sounds alright to me, l happen to genuinely like apple with ketchup and l also drown my chips in vinegar albeit ‘apple cider’ but then l used to drink vinegar so it’s never bothered me. I am surprised your hubby isn’t wise to you after all this time though 🙂

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      1. It must do! I can’t pooh pooh it, because after all these years l still catch Suze out and she says ‘I don’t how you keep catching me out, l should know you by now …..?!” You know l am laughing as l write this right, that’s how l just know he’ll never get you ha ha 🙂

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  6. Im still , after several years, with my English husband trying to understand the vinegar thing. And I guess he is still trying to understand the Swedish rotten fish thing. Oh well, each to their own.

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