A Lesson From 9/11

In the end, all that really matters is love. In what could be our last moments, no one thinks of who to smite. All anyone thinks of is the need to tell people they love them. If you could have one minute over, you’d make sure no one doubted how much they meant to you.

Let’s live every day with the same attitude.

34 thoughts on “A Lesson From 9/11

    1. My husbands best friend worked there. His wife was being buried that day – otherwise he’d have been there. He’s never really recovered from the trauma of both her loss, the loss of so many colleagues and his survivor guilt.

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      1. I can not even imagine the grief. My family had long since left working at WTC and all of my friends made it out alive to walk across the bridges back to the island. You can see the pain in the faces of the survivors, especially the first responders.

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  1. Your post inspired me to listen to Brian’s recorded voicemail to his wife.

    It was eerie how calm he was on the message. It must have been his Navy training kicking in (he was a former Navy pilot). Brain’s wife described him as a warrior. He was only 38 years old.

    It makes me wonder about a few things. Rest in peace, Brian.

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    1. It was a terrible, horrible, wonderful day. In the midst of unspeakable tragedy, the world united in grief and love. Brave, brave people both gave lives and risked lives to help others. It took the worst of humanity to showcase the very best.
      The way people came together is what we need to work at and stop letting politicians and the bike, loathsome manipulative media drive us apart.

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      1. The mainstream media did not report on what I consider one of the most important stories of the day surrounding this tradgedy.

        The bravery and selflessness of many shown on that day was remarkable. People can feel good thinking about that.

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