Asking For A Friend…

Is it bad that I saw this on LinkedIn and had to sign out so I couldn’t type ‘They know their shit at shinola’??









20 thoughts on “Asking For A Friend…

  1. Oh (I didn’t say ‘ho’) Britchy, you speak my thoughts out loud. Yes, I would have thought all those things too 😄.
    I was left wondering, some time ago, a family rocked up in a car to the holiday units where I was staying, with mum and dad and 2 kids around 10 years old clambering out…..with the personalized number plate ‘HO BAG’. Was that a funny Christmas gift from hubby? 🤔

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  2. Heh, heh, heh… You are such a bad girl.

    Hell, LinkedIn locked out my password about three years ago…maybe more. And, it wasn’t me trying to get in and FUBARing it. I just, suddenly, couldn’t get in. I am ‘persona non grata’. #linkedincanbiteme

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  3. NoHo? What’s that?
    P.S. – I need to ask you something for the Winter Kill story, if that’s alright. Let’s say you are chained to something and one of your kidnappers suddenly comes forth, seemingly really a good guy mole in the bad guys. What would your first reaction be? i.e. – what would you say/think?

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    1. I don’t know what it REALLY is – it was a play ok words on my part (ho is a common slang for a floozie here based on abbreviating ‘whore’)
      Even if I was in a car position I wouldn’t trust a ‘good’ guy in the bad guys! Unless he swung in shooting them all with a rebel yell – I’d think I was being played!

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