It’s Spring!

It’s a beautiful Spring Day here in NC so I thought I’d share some pics from my garden

Is this not a beautiful tree? I love how it’s arms are wide open, hugging the day.

This tree is just shimmering. If anything can make you believe in fairies it’s this tree.

I wonder if they live in here?

Even lawn weeds can be gorgeous? Look at the gorgeous fading colors on this

Daisy was in her element tromping through last seasons old pecan shells.

My beautiful azaleas.

Cherry Blossom is always so frilly and frivolous

I don’t know what this is but I love it

Ever feel small?

31 thoughts on “It’s Spring!

    1. Oh there will definitely be more dogwoods in my future! We have several pecan trees but I think they need treating before I can use the nuts so next year! I adore pecan pie so I intend making a great many. It’s such a good pie. The lot is about 5 acres. I will NOT be mowing lol


  1. I have an app that identifies plants from pictures. Rivergirl beat me to the punch, so to speak.
    Anyway, beautiful garden! If you drew a circle around the open-arms tree branches you’d have a peace symbol☮ Maybe upside down, but when do either of us do things the usual way?😂💌

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  2. Looks like it won’t be long and you’ll have loads of bulbs blessing you with flowers too. Enjoy your Spring, as much as one can with the current world situation, stay safe and well. We are sadly heading into winter in NZ, all too soon, after a very short, sharp summer (one month of hot weather).

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