Who’s Fault Is It Anyway?

You may recall a line from my last blog. I was talking about profiteering in WW2 and I said 

‘Profiteering and the Black Market was terribly despised then. You could be jailed or even hung. Even as a collaborator, knowing, but saying or doing nothing – you were culpable.

That remains true today in many instances, the least of which is the current ‘hoarding for resale’ debacle.

You may have read that Harvey Weinstein will be spending the rest of his life in jail for his rapey ways. You may feel, as I do, that there are many others who should join him there.

I want you to think of those for a minute.

Picture their faces. Silently say their names.

They’re all men aren’t they?

Those who commit an act of rape are disgusting vile creatures. Not one of you will argue with that and nor will I ….

But what of their enablers? 

What of the women – and men who knew but didn’t speak out?

Women were speaking out against Bill Cosby for years. They were mocked and laughed at. Same with Weinstein and a slew of others. I don’t need to name names of every celebrity rapist here. They aren’t the ones I’m focusing on today.

These women were put through hell by other women. They were called liars and delusional. 

Women stood up to defend these men and didn’t recant until many years later.

They allowed the rapists to continue, unhampered and to keep getting away with it.

How many FEWER women would have been raped if they hadn’t collaborated? How many lives wouldn’t have been ruined?

There isn’t one part of me that’s saying for a single minute the rapists aren’t in the wrong BUT every part of me is SCREAMING that the collaborators are equally as guilty of perpetrating the horror. 

If you know something is wrong, SPEAK UP!

If your neighbors aren’t treating their kids right. If the guy in the next office is harassing the temp. If someone unable to protect themselves needs help, be that help. If not physically then by reaching out to authorities.

Speak FOR them, not against them because if you don’t – it’s your crime too. 

9 thoughts on “Who’s Fault Is It Anyway?

  1. This happens in so many different areas of our world. People getting away with crap because ‘they can’ and because others cannot speak out without repercussion. Stupid. Bless you for saying something.

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