Sheepishly Grateful

“When I’m worried,
And I can’t sleep,
I count my blessings instead of sheep,
And I fall asleep,
Counting my blessings.

I love the movie, White Christmas and I always loved the scene with this song. It’s funny isn’t it? How some things really stick with you? When times are rotten it really does help to focus on good things. It’s all too easy to fall prey to doom and gloom, fear and misery but we CAN dispel those black clouds if we try to focus on the positive.

I have three kids I love with all my heart. I might not be with them right now and I miss them to the point of tears. Great big splashy, snotty HOWLING tears. I can pick up the phone and call them. Not only that, I can video chat. What truly amazing technology we have.

I can video chat with almost all my family. My dad is deaf but I can email him 2-3 times a day. I don’t have to wait for letters in the mail. What a joy for a homesick heart.

It’s Spring. I’m sat in my living room listening to birds chirping their little hearts out. At night I can hear crickets and frogs.. Nature’s symphony just makes my heart swell. It won’t be long until we have fireflies. Proof that there is magic everywhere if we just open our eyes and look.

I’m seeing staff in stores putting themselves on the front line to serve my community – and smiling. We’ve all become new old friends and I’m so very grateful to live in such a strong community.

I hear big trucks rumbling through town. I hear police and fire engine sirens. I hear the beep of the trash truck – Oh God keep all these amazing people safe. There’s new heroes in town and they don’t wear capes.

I see teachers giving lessons on Facebook, I see Pastors giving services online. I see doctors and nurses selflessly caring for the sick with relentless, endless compassion.

I see love.

I see just what a wonderful, fabulous world we live in and whilst I’m not counting this virus as a blessing, I’m grateful for how people are rising to triumph over it.

Remember when this is over, just who saved us.

24 thoughts on “Sheepishly Grateful

      1. They did pretty good here! I was impressed. Not so when I was in Jacksonville in January 2018 when I had to stay for an extra 5 days because of snow and ice – and it really was nothing terrible but for the fact of no ploughing and no gritters/salt

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  1. Beautiful pictures to go with your fantastic words! I’m with you! I am annoying the crap out of my daughters with my positive attitude. Not that I don’t drop an occasional F-Bomb…Mother Theresa, I ain’t 😉
    My older daughter is a nurse, she prays for a fever every night so she can stay home😂😂
    Love White Christnas!!🎶

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  2. Your positivity spreads. I’ve been getting out in my yard with bare feet and watching the sunsets. It’s been so wonderfully warm…nearly 90 two days, ago. It’s still in the 70s.

    I’m not paying much attention to the virus stuff and being shut in doesn’t bother me as I am nursing my inflamed gallbladder, again. *sigh*

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