A Good Kind Of Viral – Shall We?!

Have you ever felt really strongly about something that needed to be done?

I saw a meme about someone getting a Medal of Honor and it made me think of all the men and women right now who totally deserve that.

I just emailed this to President Trump, my NC Governor Roy Cooper and my state representative Michael Wray. I’m naming them purposely because I want it known who was contacted. I would love it if you shared the heck out of this and email President Trump, your senator or representative and anyone else you can think of.

If we all do this, we could make this happen and those of us sat at home owe it to those of us who aren’t.

Dear President Trump,

Right now there are new hero’s in town. More incognito than special forces and just as brave.

We know them as shop workers. We know them as servers and truck drivers. We know them as doctors, nurses, police, fire service, EMS, janitors, electricians, plumbers.. we know them by the fact they’re going to work while the rest of us stay home.

We know them because they’re the front line in this war and we need to acknowledge that this country can’t run without them.

President Trump, I would like you to give a medal to all who are working in this wonderful country right now to keep us safe and fed.

I’d like you to permanently acknowledge their gallantry in the face of danger just as you do anyone else who risks their lives for others. It shouldn’t matter if they’re a Citizen like me or a green card holder like my son who is working every day. If they’re serving us in the greatest need in our lifetime they deserve recognition.

If we can afford $90,000 for Nancy Pelosi’s pens we can can afford to recognise our hero’s.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

*insert your own name*

Email President Trump

18 thoughts on “A Good Kind Of Viral – Shall We?!

    1. My cousin’s husband is a paramedic and he brought up that people were getting in (patients even) to steal masks from the hospitals here in Arizona. No witnesses to any of these thefts except one was a random person. I do remember seeing a conference where Trump brought up that masks were being stolen but I didn’t hear him say anything about the doctors and nurses doing it…I guess I must have heard the edited version.
      There is a video out there of a person from another country (have to be careful with this because I am not a racist but there are a lot of people who accuse others of this to silence them) going into a Home repair store and buying up all kinds of mask and laughing about how Americans won’t get them now, again, could be staged to generate hate between people. Hate is one of this virus’s allies. There are all kinds of staged situations going on to turn us against one another.
      I listen to my gut, I try to not go to places of anger and if I see a need I try to help out instead of generate more hate. We will be making masks to hand out to people and some of those people are the ones out there still working like our mailman and teachers that are handing out food to low income children.
      Stay safe out there, hopefully we will all get through this and back to normal as soon as possible.

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      1. I hadn’t heard it with that slant either. People believe what they want to, whether true or not. Such hate that mankind can’t even be fair or just. The media might twist stuff and we all know they do – but the fire they feed is in hearts already.
        Stay safe and well in heart, mind and body 😊


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