Just a Bite..

A bite is often used to describe a segment. A piece of a chocolate bar, a snippet of conversation, a couple of minutes out of the day.

They can be a useful way to sample something, to see if you like it – or they can be manipulated to be a wholly incorrect version of whatever was said or happened.

Most famously perhaps are the fourth estate. The media. The Press – although I think they’re the only ones who deem themselves worthy of capitalization. Their callous misrepresentation of the truth has led to misery, financial hardship and even suicide. Their refusal to print a whole story has caused entire countries to turn against people. They are relentless in their dehumanising. Flagrant in their disregard of truth and disgusting in their manipulative agendas.

I will never buy a newspaper again. I will never pay for any current affairs information as reporting is dead. There is NO reporting anymore, merely opinion pieces. Even a high school baseball game isn’t exempt from spin.

Well spin on this you yellow ‘journalists’ This time YOU can bite ME.

What ‘truths’ do you bite and what do you spit out?

21 thoughts on “Just a Bite..

  1. I haven’t paid much attention to media in years. I get my data from the county website.
    Question EVERYTHING!! Find your own information. There’s plenty of places to look. Dont let anyone spoon feed you THEIR truth. Find your own!
    Maybe I should run for “Supreme Leader”🤔😂😂

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    1. I don’t believe ANY government official has as much power as the 4th estate think they do. I also think people put far too much belief in the folly that whoever is President rules the country. It’s the nameless, faceless bureaucrats who aren’t voted in and can’t be voted out that have the real power and the time to manipulate it.

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    1. I completely agree. There is no reporting anymore. No ‘just facts’. Everything is an opinion piece, even school level sports. I read one about how the team from one school beat another purely because they had richer parents. It made me ill. No credit to the kids training or talent or coaches… just how one teams parents were all in more expensive cars.
      That was the last local newspaper in NY I ever bought. I’d stopped buying Nationals long before that and I haven’t watched a TV news show in years either. I’m not paying their thieving lying ways.

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      1. That’s so hilarious. Brining the rich parents angle in sports. What’s next? Since it was taco Tuesday, the local team couldn’t concentrate on the game maybe? 😛

        It’s good you stopped. There’s no way we can analyse every piece of news whether it’s true or fabricated.

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    1. Isn’t it just? I’m determined one way or another to never get my news from a source I pay one way or another again. I make sure to get different sources on a story. It’s all think as I like or I will debase you and your interests.

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