The Distance From My Heart To Yours

Distance is relative. It’s a matter of perspective. You can be thousands of miles away from your friends and family but hold them so close in your heart that they’re with you. Every minute of the day.

You can sleep in the same bed as someone and be light years apart. The cold, empty void between you couldn’t be traversed with the Starship Enterprise.

Physical distance can never be as painful as emotional distance. We live in miraculous times. You can pick up a phone and instantly be connected to someone on the opposite side of the world. You can hear them speak, see them smile and laugh and, even if you can’t feel their hug, you can bask in the warmth of friendship and love. Heck we can even see and talk to people in Space! How incredible is that?!

There is a downside to this incredible gift though. We ignore those physically close to us. We can be in the same room as people but light years away from them. We ignore those we love because they aren’t far enough away to use our technology with them. That’s a tragedy.

Look up. Smile. Talk. Don’t allow distance to take hold in your home. Make mealtimes technology free. Set time aside to walk together and talk. We have and we’re much happier for it.

Don’t lose people before they die. We can dial Outer Space but there’s no signal from the grave.

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: Distance

12 thoughts on “The Distance From My Heart To Yours

    1. It’s all too easy to forget. We have had to consciously make the effort. It’s just to easy to respond to the ‘ping’ and we’ve conditioned ourselves to putting that over everything and everyone else. Re-conditioning responses is tough but it can be done 😊


    1. Exactly! There have been times I’ve pulled my phone out to show my husband something but it’s been relevant. We stopped for lunch between viewing houses and I pulled up the details of the next two. That’s different as it was like ‘work’ – but in general, absolutely not.

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  1. I have realized this with Goldfinch. 10,100 miles away yet still able to touch my heart in an instant!
    But I love being with my loved ones here in England. Every moment together feels special.

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