New Lamps For Old!

Who remembers the story where the evil magician was willing to let Aladdin have any other treasures, he just wanted the battered old lamp?

He knew the real value of old over ‘new’ isn’t always immediately apparent. That sparkly and shiny can distract from dependable and trustworthy if somewhat lacking lustre.

It’s the same with friendships. Making new friends is wonderful! It’s exciting and fun and fresh and you get a new perspective on everything. New friends are intriguing and stimulating. You see life in different ways with them and you learn new things and share new experiences……

They can’t replace old friends though. Friends who were there in bad times. When you doubted yourself and felt like crap. When you were broke or scared and they made everything better. They knew you in your glory days. They remember the girl when her laughing eyes didn’t have crows feet attached. When you could dance all night and work the next day – not need three days to recover!

You will always be young with old friends. You can only ever be as young as the day you meet with new. Old friends are the secret of Eternal Youth. There’s an energy that comes from laughing at shared memories of youthful mischief. There’s a golden glow of happiness in reminiscing.

New friends will eventually become old friends too. Life is like a pond. We skim pebbles and create ever extending circles that eventually ripple into one. Enjoy every ripple and don’t lose sight of any of them.

There’s treasure to be found in them all

This post was written in response to the Discover Prompt: New

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