Further Adventures in Wegmans.. was

I was in Wegmans today (not the one in Canandaigua, I’m being “discreet”) to get a few things and I wandered past the cooking oils.

I’d been having a little chat with my best fiend, The Man In Black a couple of weeks back about the price of Duck Fat (no do NOT reverse the letters! It was a PROPER conversation!!)

He mentioned he’d found some for $15.99.


Bejaysus and Begorrah, someone must have seen him coming!

That’s quite a problem in this day and age, no ones safe from the accusations of fornicatory misdeeds…!

I bought some several months ago for $6.99 in Wegmans so, being a smug beech, I couldn’t resist rubbing it in! (The price not the duck fat – he’s not going swimming the Channel)

ANYWAY …I wandered down the fat aisle, phone in hand, ready to take a pic of the price label… and the rotten bleeders were flogging it for $12.99!

Talk about robbing buggers!

That was more than double!

Good grief they talk about the Banks sticking it to us but they have NOTHING on supermarkets!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, jars of lard were $15.99 too and chicken fat… yes you read that right CHICKEN FAT!!!!

That was…….. $14.49!!

Holy Camogie you can buy a whole bloody chicken for $6 and get fat AND a couple of dinners out of it!

Which brings me to this – of all the fats there really isn’t one more revolting than chicken fat.

It’s just greasy shite.

Duck, lamb, beef, goose fat – bloody gorgeous for roasties and Yorkshire puddings.

Bacon fat? Everything tastes better cooked in bacon fat!

Chicken fat?


Double bleaugh.

Anyway I realised – I’m sitting on my fortune. Not in a kiss and tell way either!

All I need to do is move to somewhere hot and work out a way to siphon off my blubber.

I have to be better than chicken so we’re looking at $15 – $16 bucks a pound!

I can shovel my face all day and reap rewards!

Anyway can’t stop, I’m off to research fat siphoning while eating cake..

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