Wanker nil – Karma 8 million

Today Karma was my bestie.

Nothing beats being a messenger of vengeance.

I don’t even think I could have had as much fun with my holy rolling pin of retribution – although maybe I should just see… hmmm…

My daughters ex beat her up badly, he broke her knee and fractured her neck and left her horribly bruised and sore. It was over a year ago, closer to two but you KNOW this elephant never forgets!!

I was in Wegmans – again!! I know!! I should give them their $10 voucher back as a thank you!!

Anyway, I turned into an aisle with the cart catty corner to the space – just as the skanky, drunk-ass, girlfriend-beating bastard was storming out of it!!

Needless to say I might have “accidentally” pushed the cart a little harder than usual.. but he

was going to hit it anyway.

He had a case of Stella in his arms and he was in a tearing hurry to pay for his beer. He’s a huge problem drinker so it was no surprise he was buying it.


Got him right in the balls lol

Picture it, the corner of a cart and a 6’3” guy at just the right height to separate the man from “the boys” so to speak!

The bloody cart ricocheted into my ribs from the force it hit him with but he was the one with tears in his eyes not me and I did NOT apologize!

I might have started singing “Jingle Balls” but

A) Prove it and

B) Even if you prove it – tis the season!!

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