Be a Virus

I was asked a question recently after spending a great deal of time helping someone with a problem they just couldn’t understand. It was.. challenging and I’ll be honest, very annoying because it was really simple. Eventually I found a way to help them understand thankfully.

Afterwards I was asked why I bothered, “it wasn’t worth my time” or in other words, that person wasn’t worth helping.

Every time we give of ourselves we aren’t lessened, quite the opposite in fact. Each time I do something for someone else a little more of me grows, a little more of me spreads out over the world and influences others. I’m going viral! It made me think, what kind of virus do I want to be?

It is never going to be wrong to use your time making someone else feel valued. It’s never going to be a waste to help someone with something they can’t do by themselves.

Love can be seen as a virus. It shares and multiplies. Showing one person respect gives them the self worth to feel valuable to others and to treat them as equals too spreading the virus further.

If we all strive to treat others decently then eventually our voices will be heard across the world. We’ll infect more and more people daily. Long after we’re gone our virus will still be here, whispering in the breeze of happiness.

I don’t know if this will happen, I would like to think it will but I do know this – it won’t happen unless it starts with me. I plan on being infectious and absolutely antibiotic resistant!

28 thoughts on “Be a Virus

  1. I love your use of the word virus. We really should spread our helpfulness and positivity as a virus, and even helping someone who takes forever to understand that one little problem – it’s rewarding 💜

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  2. Such an unusual post from you. Not that I don’t think you that you are a wonderful person. I was just reading the post waiting for a punch line. Waiting for it to turn into a joke. Waiting for your pets to go flying. Etc.
    But it was a great read.
    I’m glad that you persevered and that the person understood things finally. I often find it that people don’t want help. They don’t want to put in the work to figure things out. And your thoughts/ help/ recommendations are seen as offensive (oh, the many ways to offend people). Even if they ask for help, they don’t always really want it.
    Well done on being patient and sticking to this person.

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    1. I think people notice more when I’m “serious” because I usually joke so much – but even when I post something I feel passionately about I try to keep it light and to use entertaining analogies. No one likes to be preached and or “holier-than -thou” type lessons so if I can make it a bit different and capture imagination – I’ve got more chance of people listening. This really matters to me so I figured if I kept it quirky and brief I’d have a better chance

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  3. Absolutely!!! I love this. I try to teach my kids (by example) to ask: how can I help? We most certainly are not diminished by doing for others. I think it’s the only way to feel like we are productive members of the human race. I needed this little boost/reminder today. Thank you. 🤗

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