Paging Dr Britchy!!

Okay so yes. We all know KNOW I’m evil – and I KNOW I’m going straight to hell but – Someone just called my cell phone and didn’t give me a chance to speak before stating very peremptorily “Hello I need to see the doctor for my constipation”

Now in my defence, she didn’t give me a chance to speak. She just flew straight into demand mode. I DO usually only answer with “Hello” so that probably wouldn’t have changed anything but, even so. She was rude. A lesson needed to be taught.

Soooo.. I screamed down the phone. Really loudly. A really long blood – curdling scream. The cats floofed up to epic proportions and the dogs almost woke up. Yup, it was THAT bad!!

What followed was an equally deafening silence.

I let it hang for about ten seconds. After all I wanted to be sure her ears had stopped ringing and she could hear me.

I chirped brightly, like one of those psycho sadistic morning people – “There, now you’ve about crapped yourself I guess you don’t need to see the doctor do you? Have a nice day!” and hung upon her.

This, Ladies and Mentalmen, is REAL Health Care Reform at work and not even a co-pay!

34 thoughts on “Paging Dr Britchy!!

  1. that was brilliant, scared the crap out of her literally LOL, I wish I had the guts to do that when I keep getting these stupid sales calls all the time, it serves her right to go into a demand without checking that she is talking to the right person, well maybe she did? and you helped her out, nice one again

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    1. I rarely get cold calls anymore – have a referees whistle in my handbag and if, a number I don’t recognise calls, I get it ready. The minute I find out if it is a spam call I give them a blast.
      I think I’m blacklisted…

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