Road Trips, Kittens and a Numb Bum!!

I haz a numb bum! A very numb bum, I nearly had two kittens too which would have made the numb bum worth it but I was pipped at the post.

Murder Mittens (tabby and white kitten) and Scrapper Stinkbutt (coal black kitten) weren’t meant for me but there is a ginger hooligan waiting for me somewhere. I just have to move!

Can I just say at this point that I hope there is a really awful level in hell for people who abandon tiny kitties. I would really love to see this as a crime. These were so tame there is no way they were feral and they were just dumped by my sons house. He would have kept them but his roommates wouldn’t have agreed so I’m happy they’re elsewhere.

Is it bad I still really want them? It was a 13 hour journey home and I wouldn’t have wanted to make them suffer that but… I’m a lottle bit sad. (Yes that’s a real word. Cos I said so!)

I drove down to deepest NC to pick up Fartichoke and bring him back to NY. There was a dreadful accident on the way back in NJ. A school bus had attempted an illegal u-turn on the New Jersey Turnpike. It was hit by a dump truck and a child and teacher were killed. A lot of critical injuries from a needless accident. Why do people do such silly stuff when they’re responsible for so many other lives?

We stayed for a night in Poughkeepsie then drove up to the northernmost edge of the Adirondacks – almost to Canada! We stayed there two days whilst we sadly packed up our cabin then did the whole blessed thing in reverse!

We’d taken one of Fartichokes friends with us as far as Poughkeepsie so we had to wait for her on Monday. Consequently it was 4:30-5pm before we set off – and 5am before we arrived back at Fartichokes abode. I had a migraine from hell all day Tuesday into Wednesday so I drove back to NY on Thursday – to be hit by gridlocked traffic 37 miles south of Washington DC. I managed to get off and find an alternate route which was great because it only delayed me for 90 minutes. The radio was reporting it would take 5 hours to clear tailbacks not including rush hour traffic so I was lucky.

Friday was written off by another migraine and here I am today hoping they’re gone! I’d driven 4000 plus miles in the ten days I was gone, driving on only six of those days. So far this year I’ve driven 16,000 miles in long journeys alone! That’s not counting journeys of less than 200 miles. On average my local driving is about 3-400 miles per week on top of that.

This week I’ve driven to Canada and through New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. I feel like that Dr Seuss story “Oh the places you’ll go”!!

The pictures are the last photos I took at the cabin. Thankfully I took them on Friday because it absolutely leathered it down on Saturday and Sunday!

31 thoughts on “Road Trips, Kittens and a Numb Bum!!

      1. Hmmn, I hate to admit my geographic ignorance, especially of American states. Those distances sound humongous to be driving 😶. What state do you live in? I’ll have to find a map and do me some edumecating.

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      2. I’m currently in the top left corner of NY and I was driving to the bottom of the NC Coast. NY is kind of like a side ways “T”. If it helps, it’s bigger than England – and that’s just one state!


    1. Wow, some really cool places within reach. I always loved Gordon Lightfoot’s, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’. The Great Lakes. Looking at the map I am familiar with so many names. The US has never really appealed to me, to visit. But getting to know many lovely bloggers who make it come to life, somehow makes it appealing. The most I’ve done is playing it safe with the UK, due to ancestral roots and familiar customs.

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  1. The view from the cabin looked amazing! My dream is to one day have a road trip through America. Just take a couple of weeks, stop in some never heard of places and try all the diners along the way!
    It’s nice to have you back though! Sam x

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  2. That sounds like a nightmare! I really enjoyed the mentions of the place names and now have Paul Simon’s America in my head from the reference to the New Jersey Turnpike…a good way for me to start a Sunday. Those poor people on the bus crash…how tragically avoidable. Hope the migraines are finally banished .

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    1. I would like to! I haven’t had any success with preventative meds and I’ve tried everything available. Some have made me sick, some have made me delusional – some have made me faint! Fingers crossed this one will help

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  3. Fricken hell, that picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! That sounds like very long distances to travel, the furthest I’ve done is to Scotland which was a a 7 hour drive and I only did 4 hours of it (then my husband took over). You are made of steel.

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    1. The drive from my house to where my son lives takes about 13 hours – it would take 12 if Washington DC wasn’t always so congested! It IS a lot by drive. The most I’ve done in one day (by myself) is 880 miles.

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