Wait!!! …you said WHAT?!

That loveable rogue, A Guy Called Bloke asked a question that I just had to answer.

What’s something that your brain tries to make you do, say or think and you have to exercise all your strength to NOT do it?

Well I think we all know I have zero impulse control when it comes to things I shouldn’t think or say!! It’s not really my fault, blame my parents. It has to be genetics that make me talk faster than I think… right?!

I have several words I can’t say right unless I take a second and think about – even then it’s 50/50 I’ll get it right!

Par Cark is one – supposed to be car park but rarely is. I even typed it the wrong way around without realizing until I reread it!

I used to work in Tunbridge Wells and it became a joke – everyone copied me saying Wunbridge Tells and it became a joke where we deliberately mucking fuddled a lot of words! It stopped abruptly after someone yelled who was heading to the pub that night – she referred to the pub by name, the Friar Tuck… yeah. It wasn’t good!!

My kids were as bad, referring to Dalmatians as ‘damnations’ and sandwiches as ‘samshits’

I drive ‘im indoors nuts when we’re in the car because I tend to wave my hands when I’m talking.. so I’ll tell him to turn right while waving my left hand or vice versa. He’ll turn left instead of right and then yell that it’s my fault – my retort of it being a perfect example of he sees better than he thinks never defuses the situation either..

25 thoughts on “Wait!!! …you said WHAT?!

  1. I just saw the pic and thought the cat said something. If the cat said it I would have been stuffed knowing what has to say.
    I have never met a cat that wasted my time… even by wasting my time they make it more valuable.

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  2. yep, I have done the same, you say something that you think is correct and then when you realise your kids are looking at you a bit strange then you realise what you have said!!!! I have put mine down to losing a few brain cells when having my kids

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  3. This is brilliant! It is a medical phenomenon, called Spoonerism!!! It is named after the Oxford don and ordained minister William Archibald Spoone who used to crack his interlocuters up by transposing the initial sounds of adjacent words. Some concoctions, as you have come to realise, are enough to bring the roof down 🙂

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  4. Brilliant. I have the same issue sometimes. The expression ‘fits and starts’ is a bit of a problem for me. Whenever someone says it, in my head I think “tits and arse” I can’t seem to help it, though I have managed to stop myself from saying it. At least so far….

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      1. For years I though Annie Lennox, in the song “There must be an Angel, playing with my heart’ was singing “i’m grown and overblown with fleas”, turns out it’s ‘bliss’. I only found out when I saw the lyrics written down! 🙂

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      2. One of my worst was ‘sway to the rhythm of love’ by the plain white t’s.. I heard it as ‘sweat to the rhythm of love’ which I thought was a bit rude..
        My daughter is convinced I do it on purpose to ruin songs for her!

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    My son, being Dyslexic, as a child had many things that he’d get switched up that has stuck with me ever since.
    Shampoo = Pashoo
    Bandaid = Damn-aid ( which I found fitting and think they should consider the name change)
    His daughter…Oh My Josh!

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