Dear Serial “liker”..

Are you having a seizure of some sort?

I’m writing this post on my phone. I have the WordPress app on my phone so I have always got something interesting to read. That’s useful but what you may not realise is it also shows just how fast notifications come in. I was just texting with a friend and getting interruption after interruption. Exasperated, I went into the app, pretty sure what was happening and sure enough, 13 likes in less than a minute on different posts, all from you! You actually created a total of EIGHTY TWO LIKES in less than four minutes. I have screen shots of my notifications to prove it.

There’s no way you have read them all. I don’t believe you’ve actually read a single post of mine which is upsetting. You’ve just gone through my blog like diarrhea, splattering your mark everywhere. Not one comment either. I ‘like’ posts when I’ve read them. If I like more than two in a row I’ll comment somewhere so people get some input. That’s why we’re all here after all – we want to read, to be read and interact.

Is it supposed to be flattering? It isn’t.

It’s actually a little insulting. Either my posts aren’t good enough for you to read or you think I’m too stupid to realise that’s what you’ve done.

Do you think if you like 13 posts I’m going to follow you? If I’d actually read 13 posts of yours I’d have followed you after the first couple. You’ve splattered 13 posts of mine but haven’t followed me – why?

If you think that’s how to get followers, guess again! You gone done pissed me off now sausage, I wouldn’t follow you on principle because I bet you’re the type who plays the follow/unfollow game too.

Here’s a little advice.

Be sincere. If you click like, do it because you enjoyed the post. Do not click like repeatedly when it’s impossible for you to have read posts. Bloggers aren’t stupid. We don’t like insincerity.

Engage with other bloggers. Comment. I do look at who likes my posts, I look at the blogs of a large percentage of my ‘likes’ and all of my follows. If I’m interested I follow them. I follow a lot more blogs than follow me. I read and comment as much as I can. I HAVE FUN!!

No matter why you blog, as a release, for fun, in the hopes of making money – you need to build trust and faith. It doesn’t happen without work and effort and it doesn’t happen overnight.

So far you have done nothing to gain credibility with me. In fact, you’ve achieved the complete opposite. I hope you learn from this.

182 thoughts on “Dear Serial “liker”..

  1. Has anyone else experienced this? When I post a blog URL on FB sometimes I won’t get any hits or “likes”. While a few on FB may like the post I can tell they did not even click on the link let alone read it. 😢 While I appreciate the FB “like” I appreciate it most when they click on the link and hopefully read some or al of it. The blogging community is far more loving and encouraging with posts. Thanks to you all💕

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  2. I have that problem too, people liking my posts and still not following me… people do that to be get followers and it is pathetic. On instagram people go follow thousands of profiles just to get followers… and then they stop following you! What happened to honesty, relationship, just normal interactions? That is so sad how our society is turning… 🤦‍♀️

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  3. Now I am scared to hit the like button ….. just kidding! Great point, I’ve experienced it myself. However, there’s a chance that someone else will take the time to read and I appreciate that.

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      1. I just happened to be on my Alerts page at the time and it was unreal how fast they went throw my site and Liked everything, they have to be using some kind of program there’s no way anyone could do that that fast. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

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  4. Years ago on a website that I was a member of I was one of the top poster my name was listed with the Admin and other top posters on the site so people came to me bitchen about the spamirs and trolls, well I made a post ousting them every time someone came to me complaining about one of this ” things ” I would do a little investigating if it was true their names and everything about them would be posted for everyone to see, well it didn’t take long for everyone to start complaining about the post and some people got down right mad about it ( the ass holes in the wind as I called them – the ones that hadn’t been chot yet ) so I let them vote on it ( keep or delete ) of course it was voted delete so I told everyone not to come to me Ever again about any of this they we’re on their own but I still get complaints about that shit from people waiting me to do something about it. People are just never happy no matter what you do or don’t do to fix a problem!😐



  5. Was it me? Am I the serial liker?
    Uh…I do read posts before I like them – I promise! I am trying to prepare one post for my own site each day, but reading anywhere between fifty to hundreds of posts by other bloggers depending on how much time I have. I can’t follow them all – I do not have the time or mental energy to read posts from hundreds of bloggers. But I know who my favourites are, whether I follow them or not and I regularly go back to their blogs again and again and look for what they have published recently and randomly pick posts from their archives.
    I don’t know how best to keep up with so many other bloggers.


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